Smart Apps For Android: Kids Reading Preschool (best free educational Android apps for kids)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kids Reading Preschool (best free educational Android apps for kids)

At the time of this writing, Kids Reading (Preschool) FREE is No. 1 among free education apps in the Google Play store. The interface takes a moment to get used to and there are ads, but they seem to be developer-only ads and this is a great app for free.

There are three free word games that help with phonics, spelling and word identification. The app has 4-1/2 stars (our of five) in the Google Play store from 3,343 reviews. 16,916 people also +1'd this on Google+ so it seems a lot of people like it. I like it as well and would call it a must download.



   FREE (Kindle Tablet Edition Lite Version)     $2.99 (Kindle Tablet Edition Full Version)
Available on Amazon Appstore                            Available on Amazon Appstore

   FREE Lite Version                                        $2.99 Full Version
Get it on Google Play                           Get it on Google Play

   $2.99 Full Version
Barnes & Noble Nook

   $2.99 Full Version
Windows Phone



The paid version has 15 extra words in the first and the third activities as well as child-lock functionality that can be enabled in Preferences. Please note that child lock functionality is not available on tablets.

★ Preceded by Kids Preschool ABC Letters and Kids Preschool ABC Phonics, Kids Preschool ABC Reading is the 3rd app in our Reading Curriculum Series.

★ Prerequisites:
Knowledge of letter names and sounds (if not, first get Kids ABC Letters and Kids ABC Phonics)

★ Intended for:
Kids ages 3-7

★ Featured by:
Google at the Google I/O on May 11

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