Smart Apps For Android: Paint Sparkles Coloring Book (free Android apps for kids)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Paint Sparkles Coloring Book (free Android apps for kids)

Coming from the iPad/iPhone site (, it's tough to recommend some of the apps ranked at or near the top of the free Android education charts. Ads have already become a fairly big deal-breaker for iOS education apps, but not so much yet on the Android end.

That leads me to Paint Sparkles Coloring Book, ranked near the top of free education charts on Google Play. It's a fine app with drawing and coloring options, but it has ads pretty much everywhere and has a large number of in-app purchases. If that's OK with you, then take a look.




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Over 10,000,000 Kids Love Paint Sparkles Coloring Book! The World’s Epic Paint Sparkle Education Game Comes to Google Play! More than 200 Exciting, Coloring Pages of Animals, Princesses, Christmas & Fairies to Paint with AMAZING Glitter & Sparkle! The Best Painting, Coloring Book Game for Kids Ever!

Your budding Picasso will LOVE to play with the world famous, Paint Sparkle Draw Coloring Book app with new, glittery gorgeous coloring pages and fabulous features! Children’s favorite coloring book is now easier to use than ever! Play and draw with 20+ vibrant crayon, look-alike colors and a whimsical magic coloring tool. Your little artist is guaranteed hours of creative play! This smart, educational game will inspire and delight your kids as they draw and add their own color to pages of animals, fairies, princesses and even Christmas and holiday scenes.

The Paint Sparkles Draw - My First Coloring Book app includes more than ten awesome categories of drawing and coloring pages to spark the creativity and imagination in your child. Toddlers and young kids from preschool to grade school can learn their ABC’s as they color letters and add creative sparkle to all that they draw.

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