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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ABC HandWriting FREE (free apps)

ABC HandWriting FREE is a cool little app with a few faults that keep it from what I would call the best free apps for Android.

It presents tracing exercises for preschoolers: capital letters, lowercase letters and numbers. There are options for free and guided tracing with the latter presenting stars for the child to follow. I highly recommend a tablet stylus for apps like these.

The two problems are that it has third party ads, although I'm beginning to think that all free Android apps have some kind of ads, and that it was a little quirky when I tried it and froze once.

If the ads don't bother you, definitely worth a download.


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   Fully FREE
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ABC HandWriting is a fun way for children to learn Alphabet, digits and how to write them.

- 2 modes: Free drawing and guided drawing
- Cute graphic
- Kids friendly

(That's all folks.)

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