Smart Apps For Android: Disabling in-app purchases on a Google device

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Disabling in-app purchases on a Google device

In-app purchases are all the rage now in App World, so it's important for parents to know how to protect themselves from their kids buying $200 in Smurfberries. Here's how you do it on a Google device:

  1. Open the Google Play Store

  2. Press the Menu button (sometimes displayed as three dots in the top right corner) and then choose Settings

  3. Scroll down and under User Controls select Password (or set or Change PIN)

  4. Enter your password/PIN and click OK.

  5. Check the box that says Password or Use PIN for purchases.

  6. Test in an app to ensure it has been set properly.


***Please Note: Once the password has been entered into Google Play, the account is live for 30 minutes following that and therefore subsequent purchases made during that time will not require re-entry of the password. To ensure your account is secure, keep your device out of reach of little fingers for at least 30 minutes following a purchase.***

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