Smart Apps For Android: Dr. Panda's Restaurant - FREE (best free Android apps or kids)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dr. Panda's Restaurant - FREE (best free Android apps or kids)

I love the Dr. Panda apps. They are well worth buying at $1.99 but developer TribePlay also offers a free version of each with more than enough content to keep a preschooler/kindergartner busy for quite some time.

In Dr. Panda's Restaurant, kids prepare meals, serve customers, wash dishes, recycle and more. (Not all content is in the free version.) These are terrific apps.


   FREE Lite Version                    $1.99 now FREE Full Version
Available on Amazon Appstore          Available on Amazon Appstore

   FREE Lite Version                    $1.99  now $0.99 on sale Full Version
Get it on Google Play          Get it on Google Play

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Let your kids try the FREE version of the fun and interactive Dr. Panda’s Restaurant! Cook 3 of the recipes included in the full version. Don’t forget to wash the dishes to make the guests feel happy! Get the full version to unlock more recipes, more minigames, more animal guests, an extra floor, and extra FUN!

★ SmartAppsForKids – “Awesome and affordable app that preschoolers will love”

Come to Dr. Panda’s Restaurant and cook delicious food for the animal guests!

✓ 8 adorable animal guests to serve and feed
✓ Learn the basics of cooking with Dr. Panda’s 10 recipes
✓ Learn to help with the housework via 3 additional minigames
✓ Touch & Discover: Fantastic artwork, fun animations and sounds
✓ Kid-Friendly: Easy-to-use interface and no reading required
✓ Kids Safe: No third party advertisement or any in-app purchase

In this app, kids will be introduced to cooking through fun and exciting mini-games. They will be exposed to a number of foods from different cultures, all from Dr. Panda’s cookbook which contains 10 different dishes and drinks; including pizza, apple pie, corn soup, Chinese stir-fry and fruit smoothies.

For kids, this game combines meal time with fun time, without any mess!

To prepare all of these delicious things, kids will complete varied activities such as slicing, frying, toasting, mixing and baking. Besides preparing and serving food, they will also have fun while feeding the animals, decorating the dining rooms, cleaning the tables, and recycling garbage.

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ABOUT Dr. Panda

Dr. Panda creates kids games with educational values that teach kids about life and the world around them.

If you have any further questions or are interested in how we designed the app together with kids, feel free to contact us any time. Just drop an email to or contact us via Facebook


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