Smart Apps For Android: Hidden Objects: Animal Farm (best free Android apps for kids)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hidden Objects: Animal Farm (best free Android apps for kids)

If you've got kid into hidden objects games this is a great one. Unfortunately only the first two screens are free, but the location of the objects changes every time and it's still a good challenge. (Took me a while, actually.)

The player can zoom the screen in to look closely and there is a hint button if needed. Have your toddler or preschooler zoom in before touching something because it can be quite picky.

Nice, well-done app. Definitely worth a download even if you just want the two free screens.


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A hidden objects game for kids!

The game features 3 play modes for each level. Find objects by their pictures is the easiest mode and is great for kids. Find objects by word is great for children that are just learning their first words. Find objects by silhouette will help your child improve shape recognition and motor activity. It is the most challenging game mode of the three.

Once a puzzle is solved, your child is rewarded with a celebration of balloons!

Game Modes:
* Game Mode 1: Find items by their Pictures
* Game Mode 2: Find items by the Word
* Game Mode 3: Find items by Silhouette

Play Modes:
* Baby Mode - Big and Easy to find objects
* Play with Timer On/Off

* Hundreds of hidden objects to find!
* 3 Game Modes
* Baby Mode
* Timer on/off option
* Pinch-zoom functionality
* Hints to help you if you get stuck!
* Improves motor activity
* Improves shape recognition
* Beautifully rendered graphics
* Fun sound effects
* Lots of replay value
* Fun and interactive

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