Smart Apps For Android: Loopy Lost His Lettuce (best Android apps for kids)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Loopy Lost His Lettuce (best Android apps for kids)

Check out those screenshots. Everything in this interactive storybook app was crocheted!

Staff member Lisa R listed Loopy Lost His Lettuce as part of her Top Ten List of Oddballs, Misfits and Quirky Apps for the iPad/iPhone:

"I may have mentioned this app before but honestly, it brings me back to my childhood when tv characters quite often were knitted or crocheted and pretty quirky, (The Clangers anyone?)"

"Every single piece in this app has been hand crocheted so it looks like no other app I have ever seen. I'm also a sucker for strange noises in apps; silly squeaks or animal sounds, and this app has tons of them. I just find it all so entertaining and hilarious. And Loopy, a colorful snail who has lost his lettuce, is an adorable lead character. There are over 30 pages in this app and 6 mini-games so it is fabulous value for money. Apart from making me smile every time I look at it, this app also makes me wish I'd paid more attention to my Grandma when she was trying to teach me how to crochet."



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Loopy the snail lost his lettuce and needs your help to find it!

Join Loopy in this original adventure story as he searches for his lost lettuce. Follow him through the four seasons as he meets a wonderful range of colourful characters along the way.

Featuring 30 highly detailed interactive pages and 6 fun games. Loopy Lost His Lettuce is a positive and engaging story which is ideal for kids aged 2-6 but fun for all ages!

The art style of Loopy Lost His Lettuce is created in the original and colourful art technique called freeform crochet. All objects and creatures have been individually hand-made.

Bring smiles to your child! :)


* Fun and educational games to play throughout your adventure. Ideal for kids aged 2-6.

* 30 detailed pages of beautiful animation and interactive features to find on every page.

* Unique handmade crochet art style.

* Touch, tilt, shake and slide to find all the different interactive objects!

* Fully narrated with both “Read to me” and “Read by myself” options.

* Original story written with interactive features in mind.

* Multiple skill difficulties to cater for people of all ages (Easy, Medium and Hard).

* Delightfully original soundtrack.

Required minimum specifications of android device - 1.2Ghz, 1gb ram

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