Smart Apps For Android: TallyTots (best educational Android apps for kids)

Saturday, May 04, 2013

TallyTots (best educational Android apps for kids)

I've already posted about one Spinlight app (AlphaTots) and here is its number partner: TallyTots. As with AlphaTots, we rated TallyTots a Top Pick at The app helps teach kids the numbers up to 20 with a mini game for each number. For example, for the number 13, there are 13 eggs and each has to be cracked by touching it several times. Each egg contains a chick that cheeps. Well worth the price and a fantastic bargain for free! Get it while it lasts.


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Welcome to TallyTots— the interactive counting game that turns numbers into action. And learning into a whole lot of fun. Whether they’re feeding chipmunks, picking apples or racing cars around the track, they’ll learn how to count from one to 20, with plenty of fun and laughter to keep you both entertained.

- Apple Staff Favorite (iOS Version)
- Apple What's Hot (iOS Version)
- Apple New and Noteworthy (iOS Version)
- Apple Education What's Hot (iOS Version)
- Apple Education Top 10 (#3) (iOS Version)
- Hundreds of copies are being used in schools around the globe!

• All new sing-a-long number song!
• 20 different numbers with an activity for each. This is a big app with lots to do.
• Audio and visual cues that help children associate numbers with sounds.
• Kid-friendly navigation that makes it easy to return to their favorite numbers.
• Frequent repetition that teaches young children how to count.
• Positive verbal reinforcement for completed tasks.
• Fun surprises that keep them coming back for more.
• From the award winning designers who created Swapsies and AlphaTots.

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