Smart Apps For Android: Bo's Jigsaw Puzzles (best free Android apps for kids)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bo's Jigsaw Puzzles (best free Android apps for kids)

Bo's Jigsaw Puzzle provides 24 free jigsaw puzzles for kids up to age six. It's well done; the graphics are simple and cute and there are options for four, nine or 16 pieces for the puzzles. A background, showing where all the pieces go, can be turned on or off. The description also says there are five free hidden birthday puzzles. (Bo is the giraffe by the way.)

There are no ads or in-apps and the connection to the see the company's other apps requires a three second press. A really nice free app.

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"Bo's Jigsaw Puzzles" offers children great playtime with jigsaw puzzles of the adorable and playful Bo the Giraffe, his friends and the dolls Lulu and Tommie!⭐


☞ Recommended Age: 2-6 , but also fun to play with the parents!

☛ 24 engaging and fun puzzles
☛ Extra (hidden) option for 5 more birthday puzzles
☛ Choice of 4, 9, or 16 puzzle pieces
☛ Fun music and sounds
☛ Great reward when puzzle is finished
☛ Child-friendly interface
☛ Extra difficulty option by turning of the example background
☛ Skills development like; matching and coordination

☞ If you like "Bo's Jigsaw Puzzles" then try our other Bo the Giraffe Apps!

➤ "Bo's Bedtime Story", the fun Bo the Giraffe story about... all the steps around bedtime!

➤ "Bo's Dinnertime", the fun Bo the Giraffe story about... all the steps around dinnertime!

➤ "Bo's Matching Game", the Memory game that teaches kids words and challenges the brain!

➤ "Bo's Matching Game - Christmas Gift", the FREE Christmas version of Bo's Matching Game!

✦PRIVACY DISCLOSURE “Bo's Jigsaw Puzzles”✦
✔ Does not collect or share any personal data
✔ Does not contain any ads
✔ Does not contain In-App Purchases
✔ Does not contain Social Network Integration
✔ Does contain a "Press 3 seconds" secured link to our other Apps in Google Play

❤About the "MUM" of Bo the Giraffe❤
Esther Naalden, writer/illustrator and mother of 2 young children, founded Heppi in 2002. With Heppi she can fulfill her passion to create unique products by using her motto “less is more” and bright colors.
From the start her target audience are children in the age of 0 - 6 years and she uses her study in Disability Studies and Inclusive Education to understand what drives children.
She uses Bo the Giraffe, an adorable and playful little giraffe, and his friends as the main characters in her creations. At the moment 26 Bo the Giraffe children's books and 5 Bo the Giraffe Apps are on the market.

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