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Monday, June 03, 2013

Puzzle Cloud (best free Android apps)

Puzzle Cloud provides preschoolers with nine puzzles to drag pieces into (fill the open spots). The app is well-done with nice graphics and there are no ads or in-apps, which is quite an exceptional thing for a free Android app. Recommended.

"Puzzle Cloud is a new puzzle game for kids. Yes, I know there are a gazillion puzzle type apps out there but I think this one brings the standard up a notch. Featuring very cute positive reinforcement, nine individual puzzles and a host of fun characters, Puzzle Cloud is a really pleasant experience. And remarkably, it's FREE!"




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"The scenes in Puzzle Cloud include space, prehistoric earth, snow landscapes and the sea, (which is my favourite as there is a lion and a puppy on surfboards.) You have to tap and drag the correct character to the corresponding empty shape. Get it right first time and a host of floating, smiley hearts float upwards on screen.You can also pop the hearts like bubbles and they make a lovely 'pop' sound.

Make a mistake and one of the hearts will have a sad face. There are no time limits so the child can play until they get it right, a feature I like in apps for young kids as it encourages them to continue and not feel Mzl.viixupua.320x480-75 pressured.The graphics are bright and funny and perfectly designed for engaging little ones. And I like the simplicity of the app - the easy to use interface, the positive 'ding' sounds when you place the part correctly and the fact that it's not an easy- peasy puzzle app. Your child will have to think a bit about it - in the snow scene I got a couple of the penguins wrong first time. So it's a visual- spatial workout for tots too.

I've noticed that with jigsaw type puzzle apps, the Tot will play with the app once, complete the puzzles, then never look at it again. But that's not the case with this one and I think it's because of the positive reinforcement of the hearts, the child friendly design of the scenes, the characters, which include an astronaut, a knight, a fire breathing dragon AND the fact that it's not too easy. So I can see this app appealing to kids from ages 3 upwards to 6 (and possibly older).

I look forward to new scenes being added in future updates. Highly recommended and it's FREE! So you have absolutely no excuse not to download Puzzle Cloud. Go on, give it a go."

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A cute puzzle game designed for kids featuring adorable human and animal characters and beautiful natural scenes. Each puzzle features different scenes in space, prehistoric earth, fantasy settings, under the sea, snow landscapes, sea and nature. This game features different kind of animals: dinos, dragons, elephants, bears, dogs, rhinos, lions, penguins and many others. Some puzzles include human characters as well, like: an astronaut, a wizard, a knight, a princess.

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