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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Space Cakes (best free Android apps)

Great news for Android fans! Mrs. Judd's Games has released apps on Android! Frances Judd is an early childhood educator with more than 25 years teaching experience, so her apps aren't a developer's idea of what a teacher might be able to use - they are a teacher's idea of what she wanted in her classroom.

Space Cakes is the newest release. Heather gave it four stars on and said "Space Cakes, an app from Mrs. Judd’s Games, was on my iPad for a few days before I had a chance to try it, and in that time it became my 5 ½ year old daughter’s current favorite app. Before I knew it, she was begging to use the iPad in order to play more Space Cakes. Even the youngest users can express creativity and practice following directions, all for the low price of FREE!"


   Fully FREE
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Learn number sense and early math in a galaxy of fun as children bake, decorate, and deliver their very own Space Cakes to Earth!

What do you get when you mix the right amounts of stellar sugar, moondust, orbiting eggs, and meteor milk? Levitating Space Cake batter ready for your child to bake, decorate, and deliver to loved ones back on planet Earth!

Space Cakes bakery app ignites a passion for geometry, number sense, and early math. Players complete intergalactic baking missions, by navigating an intriguing bakery filled with alien ingredients, fantastic frosting, and an array space toppers from across the galaxy. Then children prepare for take off as they steer a cake delivery spaceship back to Earth and celebrate safe arrival with starburst, fireworks, and colorful confetti!

** Intuitive Gameplay – An adorable little green chef has left compelling clues that guide a player's search for recipe items and fun baking supplies.
** Holographic Cake Molds - Study the geometry of seven 3D holographic cake molds for your levitating cake batter.
** Create Custom Designed Cakes – Build customized cakes in the decoration lab using a fantastic array of frosting, sprinkles, and space-aged toppers.
** Fly Zone: Count-and-Collect Mode – Steer through space collecting incoming toppers as your rocket ship delivers cakes to Earth within a simple number value game.
** Celebrate Each Successful Mission - Players design their own starbursts, confetti, and fireworks display to greet cakes upon arrival to Earth.
** Save and Send Cakes To Loved Ones - Snap a photo, save, and with Juddly integration, deliver cakes directly to your family.
** Anti-gravity 3D Gallery - View and discuss recently saved 3D creations for further enjoyment with parents, friends and teachers.
** Parent/Teacher Guide - Mrs. Judd's new at-a-glance Parent/Teacher Guide explains educational value, Common Core connections, and how using Juddly enhances learning.

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