Smart Apps For Android: Buzzle (top free Android apps for kids)

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Buzzle (top free Android apps for kids)

Buzzle is a terrific puzzle app for younger kids. These aren't jigsaw puzzles; they are similar to wooden puzzles where the pieces have to be dropped into the proper slots.

There are in-app purchases (additional puzzles for $1.99) but the basic free app comes with 10 puzzles for free!


   FREE Lite Version                     $0.99 Full Version
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* Ranked in Top 100 Kids Games in the US and in the Top 5 in many countries!
* Featured by US Apple store in Kids Games - Whats Hot and New
* Featured as New and Noteworthy in many countries!
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A must have drag and drop puzzle for the younger kids. Watch your kids learn their, ABC's, Numbers, name of different Planets, Dinosaurs, Musical Instruments; names and sounds of Animals & much more in this one single App!

Buzzle is a scientifically designed game that engages your child in a series of 31 shape matching puzzles that are based on captivating themes. The brilliant explosion of colors, vivid sounds, and striking images encourage kids to be curious about remarkable details in conventional surroundings.

Here are all the different puzzle screens:
1. Alphabets - 9 screens
2. Numbers - 3 screens
3. Solar System
4. Dinosaurs
5. Animals in the Savannah
6. Animals in the Rainforest
7. Animals on the Farm
8. Animals in the Snow
9. Animals in the Sea
10. Different types of Birds
11. Different types of Musical Instruments
12. Birthday Party
13. Amusement Park
14. Different types of Sports
15. Fairy Tale Scene
16. Different types of Ice Cream
17. Different types of Bugs
18. Different types of Toys
19. Different types of Transportations
20. Apartment scene.
21. At the Beach

Each puzzle encompasses a variety of learning features.
-the game-play will refine their shape matching abilities, motor skills and hand-eye coordination
-the voice overs will help learn their ABC's, Numbers, names and sounds of animals, objects, Planets etc
-the audio cues will improve their sound association abilities
-the vivid puzzle scenes will broaden their imagination

Download Buzzle today and add a dash of fun to your child’s daily learning!


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