Smart Apps For Android: Jubitron the Girl Robot: The Lovely Little Picnic (best Android apps for kids)

Friday, July 05, 2013

Jubitron the Girl Robot: The Lovely Little Picnic (best Android apps for kids)

We live in an era of redefining girlhood. Various movements are starting up to help young girls develop a strong identity that is not based on traditional stay-at-home primary carer roles, and that looks past external beauty to deeper qualities. This wonderful interactive story  features Jubitron the robot girl, with minimal pink and maximum fun.

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Our friends at Digital Storytime rated Jubitron the Girl Robot four-and-a-quarter stars, with Carisa saying "Curious Media has created an inspired little app in Jubitron, featuring fun interactive elements and story enhancements that take the picture book to a place 'out of this world'. On every one of this book's nearly 20 pages, there is an unique way to engage the reader with the story. From twirling the world beneath the feet of Jubitron to flinging her spaceship through the clouds, this is definitely a title that will capture the interest of young explorers, especially girls."

Jubitron and her two friends have gone on a picnic that turns out to be a disaster as it starts to rain. The friends' disappointment at the ruined picnic does not last long, however, as Jubitron has the bright idea to go to the source of the problem and deal with it. A bold and brave decision, and one that will inspire your children to think outside the box when faced with problems. Do yourself a favour and download this app today!



The Lovely Little Picnic is the first story in the Jubitron: The Girl Robot series. The book features original music, illustration, animation and surprise activities on every page that will capture your child's sense of creativity and imagination.
In this adventure Jubitron and her friends Mr. Alligator and Little Birdie decide to go on a lovely little picnic. But when their picnic is interrupted by a rain storm, Jubitorn has a bright idea and with the help of her friends (and a rocket ship) they save the day and make a new friend while they're at it.
Kids will have a blast as they play the drums on a cake with Mr. Alligator, toss olives around with Little Birdie and cut the cheese with Jubitron! Optional narration allows you to choose whether to read the story aloud to your child or let them read along on their own. Tapping on any of the words in the story will result in audio playback of that individual word. It's a great tool to assist in vocabulary building and recognition.
• Suitable for ages 2+
• Optional narration, Choose to read the book yourself or have it narrated
• Tap on any word to have it read out loud
• Original illustration and music
• Beautifully animated
• Fun interactions on every page

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