Smart Apps For Android: The Icky Mr Fox (top free Android apps for kids)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Icky Mr Fox (top free Android apps for kids)

Lovely ebook for all ages. Enjoy with tea and biscuits.

Icky Mr. Fox is up to no good. He's decided to dig into Mr. Rabbit's burrow and consume him for dinner! Meanwhile, unaware of his impending potential doom, Mr. Rabbit and his friend Mr. Mole are enjoying elderflower tea and a plate of biscuits...

When tapped, most of the items onscreen are labelled visually and by the narrator. The artwork, narration and ambient music are all nicely done. The story is quirky, with a very English sensibility.


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When Mr Rabbit and Mr Mole decided to have their afternoon tea, they couldn't have imagined that the Icky Mr Fox was plotting to ruin their day. Unfortunately for Icky Mr Fox, things don't always go as planned.

"★★★★★ Honest to god, I've never quite enjoyed an app as much as i did this one and I'm way to old to find it fun :p..."
"★★★★★ Having too much fun with this to let my kids use it..."
"★★★★★ Thanks a lot for creating such a beautiful app."
"★★★★★ My 2 year old loves it. great job. keep them coming !"

ICKYPEN's stories are always full of tomfoolery and funny twists.

To promote learning and reading in young children, the book is full of "tippy-tappy" objects which when tapped show the object's name as words and sound.

New features available in this interactive book for your Android device include professional narration, beautiful illustrations and funny animation.

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