Smart Apps For Android: NASA HIAD (best free android apps for kids)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

NASA HIAD (best free android apps for kids)

HIAD (Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator) is a cutting edge new development in space technology that NASA hopes to use to enhance space exploration. Whereas old-school planetary landing vehicles were limited to cargo weight and prone to, well, erupting into flames in the atmosphere or while landing, the HIAD uses an inflatable parachute that allows heavier cargo to be landed at a slower rate with more control, eliminating the weight restrictions and the kaboom factor of atmospheric entry.



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While NASA is testing and exploring this “game changing” device, your child can play along on the NASA HIAD app. The game allows your child to become a NASA HIAD engineer, learning first how to control the HIAD and then how to adjust the way it is built and how that affects the controls. Finally, they get to test it in different environments, landing the HIAD in different conditions and seeing how their adjustments affect their ability to control the HIAD in those environments.

Each level is locked until they succeed when they do they can earn anywhere from one to three stars. They can repeat levels to improve their abilities and mastery or move on to exciting new challenges.

This free app is great for young rocket scientists and engineers or any child with an interest in space exploration. In addition to exploring the world of space and engineering, this game is great for working on hand-eye coordination skills and understanding the consequences of actions. - Dara



A giant cone of inner tubes stacked together may someday help cargo, or even people, land on another planet or return to Earth. NASA calls the spacecraft technology HIAD - Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator.

Learn the challenges NASA faces as it works to develop an inflatable spacecraft. Choose the right shape, materials and trajectory to use a HIAD to bring cargo back from space.

To successfully guide an inflatable spacecraft through the super heat of atmospheric re-entry requires the right stuff. If you inflate too early, your shape is incorrect or your material isn’t strong enough - you burn up. And if you get all that right and miss the target the mission is a bust.

Try your hand at landing a HIAD and become a rocket scientist. Advance through all stages at each of the four levels, collecting up to three stars for each successful landing.

The HIAD game challenges players to successfully land a HIAD after launching from the International Space Station and arriving at a target ground point on Earth. To successfully reach the target, players must:

• Undock from the ISS and use thruster control to steer the spacecraft towards the desired de-orbit point
• Inflate the HIAD aeroshell to reduce velocity and protect the payload from the heat of atmospheric re-entry
• Steer the inflated HIAD to the ground target prior to parachute deployment, taking into account the prevailing winds
• Customize the HIAD vehicle to achieve different performance characteristics to improve results

• Multiple spacecraft configurations and options
• Speed and trajectory controls
• In-game introduction
• Four levels of engineering mastery
• Locked levels
• Scoring for each level
• Help section
• Links to related website

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