Smart Apps For Android: Recycle Hero (best free Android apps for kids)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Recycle Hero (best free Android apps for kids)

Who doesn't want to be a Super Hero? With Recycle Hero, your child can save the world by recycling! Who would've thought sorting rubbish could be so much fun. A great way to practice categorizing skills, as well as developing an environmental conscience, this app can be quite addicting. Every level earns your child virtual coins, which are used to upgrade his/her yogotar (character avatar in the game) or spacecraft.

The beginning levels start very simply, focusing on just one type of rubbish to place in the bin, working up to a variety of five types of rubbish that need sorting. Presented within a  storyline, and using the concept of "worlds" within the game, your child will be picking up rubbish for a long time! While they are busy saving the world, you can rest in the assurance that there are NO in-app purchases, NO external links, NO social media and NO ads. Don't delay, get this app today!



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Yogome - the best Educational Games for Kids!
★★★Recycle Hero is an adventure game that teaches kids about recycling and taking care of the environment in a fun way★★★
5 stars - "Educational and fun - My kids love this app!"
5 stars - "One of the best Educational Games for Kids in the store!"

Help your kid be a Hero and save the world from being polluted, make your kid take action with this 21st Century Skills game for kids.
The game’s mission is to fight the Evil Queen Ignorantia who has decided to use the planet as her junkyard. To stop her, the Yogome Squad must use special powers to separate all the trash into plastic, compost, glass, paper and metals so they can rescue the world.

Why Play this Game?
This fun and educational game teaches children of all ages to appreciate the environment and what they can do to protect it.
Download the game so kids can enjoy the cool graphics while playing and learning.

6 Mini-Games in one
Sort and swipe trash
Catch Trash in 3 different worlds, Sea, Ice and Space
Solve the Puzzles
Shot your cannon and Recycle!

• Select from 10 cool characters, called Yogotars
• 36 fun levels
• Unlock the 6 worlds
• Collect all the badges

The Ecofriends will help your kids discover cool facts about recycling with fun puzzles
Collect all the coins you can to buy cool items at the store and use special powers.
Customize your Yogotar
You can buy cool new ships for your Yogotar
Buy funny hats for the trash cans, you can customize them also! That's right, we have a Charro Sombrero, Viking, Party hat, etc
Yogome - the best Educational Games for Kids!
"If you love Toca Boca apps, then you will LOVE this as well!!"
"One of the Best educational games for kids I've tried"
"I also love this educational game for kids"

For Parents
Several kids only 1 device? No problem, every child can select a character (Yogotar) and save the World
Dashboard - We created an awesome tool so you can have feedback on your kid performance

This game...
- Does not contain 3rd party ads.
- Does not contain in-app purchases.
- Does not contain integration with social networks.

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