Smart Apps For Android: Space Voyager: K, 1, 2 Math Free (best free Android apps for kids)

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Space Voyager: K, 1, 2 Math Free (best free Android apps for kids)

Another must-download app from Mrs. Judd's Games, a development company founded by a teacher. Space Voyage lets kids practice math facts (addition, subtraction, patterns) as the captain of a rocket ship. A question is displayed and the player must navigate through the ring with the correct answer. Medals are awarded based on performance. Cool stuff!


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Learn math skills like addition, subtraction, patterns and more as cadets fly rocket ships and collect energy for a math journey into space!

A glowing green box displays math questions. Answer rings glide into view, and players can drag finger, tap, or tilt their device to navigate to correct numbers. Player’s choice! Two game modes accommodate to different learning styles:

“VOYAGE”: a goal-directed planetary mission using math skills to earn medals, bonus rounds, and added energy for the trek. Trade earned energy points for gold, silver and bronze medals. Replay each level to improve medal status. Perfect scores in a level offer a quick BONUS STAGE with speeding number rings & point opportunities.

“EXPLORE”: a calming uninterrupted free-flight through the same math facts. This mathematical meander through the solar system collects points for new avatars, and rocket ships, but without stopping for medals or bonus rounds. Fun facts and information about our solar system, as well as nine math levels of content are in both game modes!

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