Smart Apps For Android: The Shape Monster (best free Android apps for kids)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Shape Monster (best free Android apps for kids)

Wombi is known for good quality, fun learning apps. They create engaging, child friendly learning experiences for preschoolers that parents can rely on for appropriateness and with no hidden extras.

The Shape Monster is a French chef who needs to taste the food in the kitchen. He requests the player to give him various shapes, which are actually pieces of food. The Shape Monster requests three shapes in the first stage, and expresses his delight at eating the correct shape. If a wrong shape is fed to The Shape Monster, he spits it out and expresses his disgust.

He's French, after all.

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Each stage adds an additional shape, with the final stage requiring feeding the monster/chef with six different shapes. Shapes included are square (bacon), triangle (cucumber), circle (tomato), rectangle (carrot), pentagon (kiwi fruit), hexagon (orange), octagon (pepperoni), rhombus (swiss cheese) and oval (potato). There is the option to have plain, unillustrated shapes if the food graphic is too confusing.

Other options include being able to provide visual support (the shape he is requesting is shown on his chef's hat), being able to turn off background music and also limit the number of shapes requested to four. This is a really fun way to practice shape recognition and a great addition to your Android tablet.



★★★ Head to the Shape Monster’s messy kitchen, and you’ll learn all about different shapes! It's FREE! ★★★ The Shape Monster is a demanding chef who is very specific about the shapes of his ingredients. Amongst the spice racks, stacked plates, and oozing stockpot, you’ll have to feed this hungry, food-slobbered monster. The key to keeping his belly satisfied is knowing your shapes!

--Fun and accessible for kids ages 2 and up--

Kids can play on their own by following the chef’s verbal instructions. His upbeat voice and spaghetti hair show his enthusiasm for tasty food and learning!

With its click-and-drag interface, this game is simple to play so kids can focus on learning. Visual cues are also available as a game setting option.

This game offers two levels. The first level teaches basic shapes, such as circles and triangles. Players can challenge themselves with the second level, which approaches more complex characters like hexagons and octagons.

The graphics of this game are friendly and creative. The pasta-face chef is upbeat and friendly, and though his kitchen is a mess, he sure knows how to cook up a good lesson on shapes!

Parents and teachers have the option to turn visual cues on and off to make the game easier or harder. Furthermore, for easier play, they can “turn off” the vegetable and food illustration mode to make the shapes more defined (eliminating any extra illustration qualities). Parents and teachers have the flexibility to define the parameters of the game.

Kids will learn a handful of different shapes, from triangles and ovals to pentagons and hexagons. This game is available in four languages: English, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. That way, kids can learn the names of shapes in more than their native tongue!

This game is FREE with no hidden charges or surprise fees.
--Shapes are easy to learn in the kitchen!--
Did you enjoy the Shape Monster? Learn more with his friends, the Letter Monster, the Number Monster and the Color Monster!

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