Smart Apps For Android: Bo's Bedtime Story (best Android apps for kids)

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Bo's Bedtime Story (best Android apps for kids)

Previously reviewed on Smart Apps For Kids and given a four-star rating, Bo's Bedtime Story is another great Heppi app for your Android device.

"Bottom line: Cute way to teach or reinforce a bedtime routine while working on matching, sorting and fine motor skills. iPad only.

Bo’s Bedtime Story is a bit of a misnomer because the app is not actually a bedtime story. The app consists of 10 games suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers, each one dealing with one element of a child’s typical bedtime routine."


External link goes to the developer's webpage for the other Bo the Giraffe apps


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Bo is a likeable giraffe who goes through his bedtime routine of tidying up his toys, having a bath, putting his dirty clothes in the laundry, changing into his pajamas, brushing his teeth and reading a story. It's a good way to reinforce your own child's bedtime routine to help him or her settle more quickly at night time.

Now, here's the catch: Bo performs all of these routine tasks as interactive activities with your child. While Bo is tidying his toys, your child is practicing sorting skills. While Bo is having his bath, your child is learning to count. While Bo is putting on his pajamas, your child is learning about colors and matching. This is why we love Heppi apps so much  they have perfected the art of learning through play on a tablet.




"Bo's Bedtime Story: The Award winning App for Pre-schoolers!

✩ "Presented with charming graphics, a pleasant sound track and read with narration that is inviting, this app is perfect to explore while cuddled up on your child's bed. Bo is a great going-to-bed buddy." *
✩ "I cannot imagine any child not wanting to use Bo’s Bedtime Story EVERY night." *Best Apps For Kids
✩ "Original, innovative and educational … another *Fun Educational Apps’ Top Pick!"
✩ "We love how this app can be used as a cool down before bedtime." *KinderTown
✩ "It’s cute, fun, high-quality and has lots of content that focuses on learning age appropriate skills." *Smart app for kids
✩ "This is a delightful and engaging early learning app" *Gill Robins
✩ "Bo’s Bedtime Story is a fantastic app, well worth downloading if you have young children who have problems sleeping or won’t settle at bed time." *App-Score
✩ "Bo's Bedtime Story is winner of the Dutch Media Preschooler Award 2012 for Best App!"

***** ☞ All children need a bedtime routine, whether they like it or not..
☞ With “Bo’s Bedtime Story” children help Bo the Giraffe with his bedtime routine by;
✔ Cleaning up his room
✔ Undressing him
✔ Washing his hair
✔ Drying him off
✔ Brushing his teeth
✔ Putting on his pajamas
✔ Bringing his bear
✔ Catching his bedtime story
✔ Giving him his goodnight kisses
✔ And finally letting him go to sleep and dream about playing with his friends.

All these steps are done in the same order every time your child plays them and they will appeal to children with their fun and interactive content!

☞ Recommended Age: 2-6 and also fun to play with the parents!

☛ Story-game with 10 fun and educational scenes
☛ An example for a standard bedtime routine
☛ Great bedtime song in the final scene
☛ Fun music and sounds
☛ Kid-safe, NO ads, NO in-app purchase, NO social media links
☛ Child-friendly interface
☛ Fun extra doll dress-up game
☛ Skills development like; listening, matching, counting and coordination
✦ If you like "Bo's Bedtime Story" then try our other Bo the Giraffe Apps!

✩ "Bo's Dinnertime", the fun Bo the Giraffe story about... all the steps around dinnertime!
✩ "Bo's Matching Game", the Memory game that teaches kids words and challenges the brain!
✩ "Bo's Jigsaw Puzzles", the fun Puzzle App with Bo the Giraffe and his Friends!
As a MOMs with Apps member, we follow the "Know what's inside" best practices for kids' apps
✦ PRIVACY DISCLOSURE “Bo's Bedtime Story”
✗ Does not collect or share any personal data
✗ Does not contain any ads
✗ Under the "Press 3 Seconds" pop-up in the start screen a link is hidden to the other Bo the Giraffe apps
✗ Does not contain In-App Purchases
✗ Does not contain Social Network Integration

❤ About the "MUM" of Bo the Giraffe
Esther Naalden, writer/illustrator and mother of 2 young children, founded Heppi in 2002. With Heppi she can fulfill her passion to create unique products by using her motto “less is more” and bright colors.

She uses Bo the Giraffe, an adorable and playful little giraffe, and his friends as the main characters in her creations. At the moment 26 Bo the Giraffe children's books and 5 Bo the Giraffe Apps are on the market.

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