Smart Apps For Android: Cause and Effect Light Box (Special Needs Android apps for kids)

Monday, September 30, 2013

Cause and Effect Light Box (Special Needs Android apps for kids)

Cause and Effect apps are a really useful tool for children who have sensory issues, who need that extra/focused visual or auditory stimulation. Simply a matter of dragging a finger across the screen to create some amazing doodles, this app would also be useful for children who lack fine motor control.



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So many options to choose from! There are 21 different light effects to choose from that have 21 different corresponding sound effects. As well as a myriad of touch and background options (including drawing on photos from the device's gallery), the sound can be turned off and there is a live camera function where the child can view his own face and cover it with doodles. The final amazing feature of this particular app is its switch compatibility, so children needing to use switch box technology can access the calming effect of the lights and sounds.

Even if your child has no special needs, she will enjoy creating amazing doodles and effects and experimenting with the different options available. This app comes highly recommended.




Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box was originally created for a group of teenagers with complex needs including visual impairment, autism and developmental disabilities.
Light Box has since proven popular with parents and teachers of much younger children with and without special needs.
The app encourages development and basic awareness of touches and gestures through open-ended exploration and play.
21 different scenes with high quality audio and abstract visuals are included.
Scenes interact differently, but together provide pleasing effects in response to various combinations of taps, presses, sweeping and controlled movements.

New in version 2.0:
• Force Single Touch throughout
• Switch Support (see below for compatibility)
• Sound Activated Switch
• Tap Anywhere Switch
• Video and Still Camera support
• Custom Background Images
• Inverted palettes and improved colour schemes
• Example configuration and ideas

Switch Box Compatibility:
Assistive technology switch controllers which send character codes (1,3,~1,~3 etc) Space or Enter are supported including most iPad and PC USB switch interfaces eg:
• SimplyWorks for iPad
• RJ Cooper iPad Switches
• Ablenet Blue2
• Cicadia
• AirTurn BT-105 

• Therapy Box Switchbox.

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