Smart Apps For Android: Miss Spider's Bedtime Story (best Android apps for kids)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Miss Spider's Bedtime Story (best Android apps for kids)

There are so many ways to play with this app! It's a story, it's a movie, it's a game, it's a coloring book, it's a puzzle. Bedtime is commonly a difficult time for parents with young children — especially those with children who simply want to play all day and night! Children need their sleep, however, to be able to grow and play, so it's helpful to get a good bedtime routine to help little ones settle down for the night. Miss Spider can certainly help you with that!

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This bedtime story is about Miss Spider and her children who are having trouble settling down for the night. The solution is to set up a reward chart (in the form of a wishing web), so the children can earn their way to the fair. Each page of the story has interactive elements and background music that can be toggled on/off. The graphics are good quality and the animated movie of the story goes for a full 12 minutes.

The other activities: Match (memory game), Paint (coloring pages from story) and Puzzle (pages from story) all have different options to make them easier or harder with the Paint activity giving the option to save your child's work to your device's gallery. Miss Spider's Bedtime Story is a great way to introduce routine to your child's bedtime!




**Reached #1 in Books in the App Store!**
**Winner of Mom's Choice Award**

Miss Spider's Bedtime Story is "a storybook that other storybooks should aspire to." –Best Kids Apps

Read, watch, listen, and play with Miss Spider and her buggy bunch as they earn special sleepy-time rewards in this interactive story that is really five apps in one. With multi-touch animation, painting, puzzles, and games, Miss Spider’s Bedtime Story reinvents the reading experience for the entire family. Make bedtime fun time with Miss Spider and her friendly bug pack. If you’re not completely amazed by Miss Spider’s app, Callaway Digital Arts will refund your money, guaranteed.


-Watch story in lush 3-D CGI animation
-Touch images for multimedia surprises
-Read or follow along with spoken narration
-Play games, solve puzzles, and paint pictures
-Listen to original music and sound effects

ABOUT THE STORY: Everybuggy in the Spider family is just too busy to get to sleep on time. What’s a spider mom to do? Luckily, Miss Spider and Holley find a creative way to get the kids’ nighttime routine under control—and realize they may need a bit of help getting to bed, too!
“When an application such as this brings parents and children together you know you have transcended.” —MACGASM

“It’s almost like five or six independent apps that could stand on their own, but all combined as one that has a cohesive feel.” —THE SYNTHETIC KIDS BLOG

“There are some wonderful stories included and the graphics really help everything come to life. Surprise sound effects and multi-media when you tap on the characters. Perfect app for the Miss Spider lover in your home.” —FABUMOM BLOG

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