Smart Apps For Android: Moose & Zebra: Africa (best free Android apps for kids)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Moose & Zebra: Africa (best free Android apps for kids)

What a great discovery this app is! A new development by DashForward Lab LLC, this app is jam packed full of activities for children to learn and practice core concept skills. With brilliant pencil drawing type illustrations and NO ads, this app is definitely worth downloading!

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Moose & Zebra introduce themselves, then take you on a journey through Africa, Zebra's homeland, where children learn early concepts, whilst discovering facts about animals. Each correctly completed activity is given a stamp, just like a stamp is given in a passport when you pass through a country. Once each of the activities is completed, the game automatically resets and the activity can be repeated. Each activity can be accessed from the homepage, or sequentially from turning the pages of the "book." Music and narration can both be turned off, as can clues for the different activities.

There are no in-app purchases for this game, no data collection, and only one link on the homepage to the other app from the same developer. I really think your child will enjoy learning with Moose & Zebra!


"Moose & Zebra is a unique interactive magazine for kids. You will find a variety of exciting mini tasks, aimed to develop logic, math, memory and fine motor skills. Each issue is devoted to a different topic and has a number of amusing facts on nature, history and traditions.

Moose & Zebra. Africa is the first free lite issue of the magazine. Kids will travel to the homeland of Zebra and learn who is the fastest runner in Africa, why geckos do not fall from the ceiling, whether elephants can jump and much more.

All tasks are fully voiced and have tips mode, so kids can play on their own.

Key Features:
- 14 amazing tasks
- 1 mini game
- 2 cute characters
- Breath-taking illustrations and animation
- All tasks are voiced and have tips mode
- No third-party advertisements
- No in-app purchases

Recommended ages: 3+
Key words: for preschoolers, math, logic, memory, kids educational games

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