Smart Apps For Android: Sugar Sugar (best Android apps for kids)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sugar Sugar (best Android apps for kids)

Sugar sugar is a physics type of puzzle game that requires the user to direct a constantly falling stream of sugar from the source to the cup/s at the bottom of the page. Each level requires a different amount of sugar to be collected and increases with difficulty.

The falling sugar has a kind of calming effect, while children can express their creativity with the different paths that they create to direct the sugar into the cup. Problem solving skills are also employed, especially when sugar needs to be filtered through two different colored filters and then directed into two different colored cups, with the flow coming from two different directions.

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"'sugar, sugar' is a game by Bart Bonte.

"A simple idea so sweetly designed your cup will soon overfloweth with fun, 'Sugar, Sugar' plays like a game that was meant to be on the touch screen all along; the production is seamless and well suited for players of every age" -

Draw to direct enough sugar in all the cups in each of the 35 levels.
Draw anything you want and direct the sugar anywhere you want in the bonus sandbox mode."

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