Smart Apps For Android: The Little Mermaid (best free Android apps for kids)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Little Mermaid (best free Android apps for kids)

StoryToys has done it again. They've taken a well-known, maybe well-worn, book off the virtual bookshelf and done something magical with it. As in their Farm 123 3D popup book, The Little Mermaid is highly interactive with fantastic graphics and clear narration. Your children will fall in love with this story all over again with The Little Mermaid by StoryToys, which has NOW GONE FREE ON GOOGLE PLAY!

In-app purchases, which can be disabled, for extra stickers and puzzles
External links go to Facebook, Twitter and email but are hidden in the parent section


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This app is a three-in-one kind of deal. Not only do you receive an interactive 3D popup book that has eight mini-games included as part of the story, but you also receive a 3D sticker book with various free scenes, characters, props and decorations to choose from, as well as a box of free puzzles. There is the option to purchase more stickers and/or puzzles, and in-app purchases can be disabled through the parent section.

The mini-games are scattered throughout the story and  involve growing plants, saving the prince, decorating The Little Mermaid's hair, navigating a maze, making potions, disco dancing and finding the shell. At anytime during the story, the reader can bring up the mini-game menu and skip to a game of his/her choosing. The home button brings the reader back to the main menu where s/he can choose to read the story, play with the stickers or do some puzzles. To access the parent section, the button needs to be held down for three seconds. Parents can choose from English, French, German, Spanish or Danish, toggle the music on/off, turn off update messages, more apps page and in-app purchases.

Even without purchasing the extra items available, this story has a lot in it and will entertain your little one for a long time. Definitely worth adding to your collection of StoryToys books.




"★Swim through the depths of the ocean with the Little Mermaid as she embarks on a wonderful adventure in this magical fantasy fairy tale adapted for younger readers from Hans Christian Andersen’s beloved classic.★

"It's a delightful app and one that will appeal to boys and girls alike" - Stuart Dredge, The Guardian
Includes language packs for English, French, German, Spanish and Danish.

StoryToys presents a magical new story from its award winning series of interactive fairy tales. Submerge yourself in the Little Mermaid’s underwater world and help her win the Prince’s heart. This beautifully rendered tale is adapted for younger readers from the original (there’s even a happy ending). Filled with wonderful illustrations, 3D pop-up scenes and a variety of fun and engaging activities, The Little Mermaid is sure to become a firm favourite. With potions to mix, music to play, puzzles to solve and dances to attend, there’s never a dull moment for readers sharing the Little Mermaid’s adventures:

★ Play some beautiful mermaid tunes with magical musical shells
★ Help the Little Mermaid prepare for the ball by doing her hair
★ Make a magical potion with the sea-witch to give the Little Mermaid legs
★ Help our heroine perfect her dance moves to impress the Prince
★ and much, much more...

Now includes optional extras - a 3D Sticker Book and a Jigsaw Puzzle Pack, with lots of content absolutely free, plus the option to purchase more (this feature can be turned off in the Parent Center).
StoryToys specialises in creating 3D pop-up books which look just like real books. Magical interactive pop-up scenes and games bring classic fairy tales into the digital world, seamlessly bridging the gap between books and games and making reading an activity children will love.

Adapted for younger readers from the original (complete with a happy ending)
Full 3D experience - it’s just like a real book
9 interactive 3D pop-up scenes with simple tasks and games to perform
Wonderfully illustrated, with beautiful, colorful imagery
Fully narrated in each language by professional actors
Read to Me, Read it Myself, and Autoplay modes
32 beautifully presented pages of text
Featuring a beautiful musical score and plenty of amazing sound effects

StoryToys awards:
-Two iLounge awards for best kids’ app
-Winner of two Mom’s Choice gold and silver awards
-Shortlist nominations for the FutureBook Digital Innovation Award
-Best Kids’ App Ever winner
-Winner of the Editor’s Choice Award for Excellence in Design (Children’s technology review"

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