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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Toy Story: Story Theater (best Android apps for kids)

Do you love story-telling apps as much as I do? I love an app that allows my children to create their own stories. Toy Story: Story Theater is a great story-telling app for younger children or children with special needs because it has a really simple user interface, and scaffolds the child's storytelling with a basic story structure of Character, Scene, Event and Action. Fantastic for developing early literacy skills, helpful for improving language skills and the shrinking and enlarging of the characters can even be useful for fine motor practice.



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Story Theater has three modes of play: Free Play, Story Play and Saved Stories. The Free Play option allows users to add as many of the Toy Story characters as they like, up to a maximum of eight (each of the eight characters can only be added once). Then a scene is chosen from among nine options, and an event (or eight) is added. Multiple characters and events can be manipulated at once while recording for up to two minutes. The story is then saved to the "bookshelf" for viewing later.

Story Play is where the user is given more direction in storytelling. Each step of the story is explained and recorded separately, with the option to redo each step. Once they are all recorded, the story is then narrated with the user's own dialogue and sound effects added. This particular mode of play is especially good for children starting out with story-telling because of all the scaffolding provided, and because they can simply retell what they know of the movie Toy Story.




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• Beloved Toy Story characters are ready to star in your child’s movie masterpiece!
• Learn and create through imaginative story play.
• Record your voice, move the characters, and watch your story come to life.

The toys are back in an all new adventure—created by YOU! Make your very own animated movie starring Buzz, Woody, Jessie, and the gang. Choose your setting, characters, props, and actions—then record your voice to bring it to life. Simple puppet theater tools make it easy and fun to imagine and play. With Toy Story: Story Theater even little storytellers can share their great big ideas, again and again.

• Toy Story characters: Buzz, Woody, and Jessie
• Multiple backgrounds, props, and surprises
• Resize and rotate your characters and props
• Beautiful art and magical sound set the stage
• Record your own voice and bring your story to life

• Introduces early literacy skills through guided and imaginative story play
• Multi-touch capability invites parents to join the fun
• In app guide for grownups offers offline activities to extend the learning
If you are experiencing any technical issues, please don't hesitate to contact customer care at 877-662-3769 or"

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