Smart Apps For Android: Toyota Playground (best free Android apps for kids)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Toyota Playground (best free Android apps for kids)

In Australia, it is very common to see stick figure stickers on the back of people's cars. They are stick figure representations of different family members: women in skirts holding mobile phones or sporting fitness gear and holding dumbbells, men wearing aprons and wielding barbecue utensils or cheering for their favorite football team, boys riding skateboards while listening to their iPods or playing the latest game console, girls sitting cross-legged reading books or playing a musical instrument, babies.... well, babies being babies and looking rather cute. Then there are the pets!

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Toyota Playground has adopted these stick figures as a way to customize the playground. The player chooses his favorite family figures from a range of options, then drags the figures into a matrix. These chosen family members are then used throughout the app in the various activities. Children love discovering themselves in the different activities, somehow being drawn into each scene more by identifying with the figure they've chosen.

There are three mini-games to play with various scenes to choose from in each mini-game. My jigsaw gives eight different puzzles to choose from, as well as the option to use your own artwork either from the app scrapbook or the device gallery. Each puzzle then has three difficulty levels to choose from: the easy nine-piece, the medium 12-piece or the hard 24-piece puzzle.Having the option to use your own artwork means there is an infinite number of puzzles available do to!

My Adventure is a hide-and-seek game where family members are hidden in one of four scrolling dioramas. The figures are not hidden in permanent places, however, but come and go, so the player could be looking for a long time and even in the same spot repeatedly before finding all family members. The final mini-game, My Artwork, is a coloring activity with the usual tool and color options. The difference with this particular coloring activity is that once the player has finished coloring the picture, family figures are dragged into the scene to personalize it.

This is the only app (so far) developed for Android by Toyota Australia, and for a first, I must say I was impressed. Not a bad app for a company that makes cars!



Toyota loves family roadtrips. They bring the family together and create important memories. That’s why Toyota has teamed up with My Family™ to bring you Toyota Playground. It’s a great way to keep kids entertained during long trips in the car.

Toyota Playground is a fun, creative app that lets kids play their favourite games with the My Family™ characters. With five interactive activities, kids create, explore and use their problem solving skills while having fun with characters based on their own family.

The fun begins with “My Family”, a game that gives kids the chance to choose the My Family™ characters which will appear in the rest of the activities Toyota Playground has to offer. From there, kids can explore fun new worlds in “My Adventure”, a game of hide and seek that takes place everywhere from the jungle to the bottom of the sea, and even in outer space.

For something a bit more creative, “My Artwork” offers fun, engaging landscapes to colour in. They can even add My Family™ characters to their artwork. “My Jigsaw” turns these works of art into jigsaw puzzles, with different levels of difficulty making it fun for kids of all ages. “My Scrapbook” makes sure the fun doesn’t have to end, saving artwork and allowing you to email it to family and friends.

If you’re looking for a fun, interactive way to keep your kids entertained while they learn new skills, Toyota Playground is the app for you.

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