Smart Apps For Android: Colorful Fishing (best Android apps for kids)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Colorful Fishing (best Android apps for kids)

We have featured a couple of board games recently because they are so much fun to play with family. But what makes a board game app a Smart App exactly? Games such as this one, Colorful Fishing, are smart because they teach toddlers about taking turns. Not only do children get practice identifying colors, but they also learn patience and sportsmanship as well as strategic thinking. You wouldn't think so much learning could come out of such a simple app!

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Designed to be played with two or three players, Colorful Fishing is a simple collecting game, using a spinning wheel to determine which fish shall be collected next. Players take turns spinning the wheel and acting out the instruction on the section the pointer lands on. The options of instructions are: put a particular color fish in the bucket, exchange a fish with another player, change the color of a fish, choose any color fish to collect, collect more than one fish or miss a turn.

A great app to play while waiting at an appointment or as a "time with mommy" reward. Little children will enjoy spinning the wheel to try their luck and get a thrill when they can exchange a fish for one of another player's. They may get a little frustrated at the end trying to collect those last two fish, however. Available with English or Russian verbal instruction.



A colorful board game for kids aged 4 years and up and their parents.
Two or three players can “fish” at once!
The rules are simple: each player spins the drum and catches fish in their lake according to the color of the drop-down box.
The aim of the game is to catch all the fish from your lake faster than the other players. Players can’t rely on luck in this game!
The purpose of the game is to catch all the fish from your lake faster than your opponents.
There is even a strategic element: for example, successfully gather four fish of the same color in your lake, and they jump into the bucket.
For parents, the game is not just a pleasant activity they can enjoy with their kids – it will also banish fidgeting on long journeys.
For kids, Color Fishing teaches colors, as well as helping the development of strategic thinking.

1. 2-3 players;
2. tips for each activity;
3. simple rules;
4. colorful graphics;
5. fun sounds effects;
6. develops thinking;
7. helps kids recognize colors.

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