Smart Apps For Android: Daily Tasks (best free Android apps for kids)

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Daily Tasks (best free Android apps for kids)

Daily Tasks is a nice and simple app about self-care for preschoolers and young children. There are no ads, no in-app purchases and no external links so parents can download this app with peace of mind. With excellent sound and graphics, a simple user interface and easy game play, it is hard to understand how this app can be free. If you have a little one who is resistant to getting clean, I recommend this app to you.



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The little boy needs help to keep himself clean. After he has eaten some food, his teeth are very dirty and need brushing. The player simply swipes a finger over the boy's teeth to operate the toothbrush and get his teeth clean. There are six different food items that the boy consumes, and a trophy is awarded upon completion of all the items. The length of time taken to clean his teeth is recorded in the high scores section of the app.

Playing in the garden with a ball or planting a seedling makes the boy dirty and in need of a shower. The player simply swipes a finger over the boy's body to soap him up. Finally, being out in the wind or the rain causes the boy's hair to need washing. Again, it's a simple swipe of a finger to shampoo his hair and make it all clean. The player then tries to better the times taken (recorded in the high score section) to complete the tasks.

Quick and easy and to the point, this free app will be a welcome addition to your toddler's tablet.



★ Daily Tasks has been #1 iPad Education App in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Jordan
★ 3 Activities that will keep your kids engage Brush Teeth, Shower and Shampoo
★Designed by education specialists to improve fine motor and concentration skills

“Daily Tasks” is an application that designed to improve Autistic children fine motor skill as well as concentration span which are an essential skill to all learning. The goal of this application is to improve eye-hand coordination and focus through simple daily task story that are both engaging and interactive for Autistic children. Children will have to go through different scenarios and complete each presented task. This application is not only limited to people with autism. Children with concentration deficit as well as down syndrome can also benefit from this application.

This project is a joint collaboration between True Corporation and Autistic Foundation Thailand. We work closely with autistic teachers, specialists as well as parents and children to craft out a customized learning solution for Autistic Children. By using our applications closely with parents and teachers, it is expected that autistic children will develop essential skills that are important to live a normal life. “Daily Tasks” is part of True Autistic, Thai Autistic, application series which also include “Trace & Share” and “Communications”. Each application focuses on improving different aspect of autistic children skill.

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