Smart Apps For Android: Eggy Alphabet (best educational Android apps for kids)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Eggy Alphabet (best educational Android apps for kids)

Eggy Alphabet is an optional part of an entire reading program by Reading Eggs. With accent settings available for Australia, UK and USA, this really is a useful app for children learning English all around the globe! There are four mini-games per letter, for each of the uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as a letter game to identify beginning and ending sounds. With so much practice, your child is sure to know their letters by the time they complete all the activities in this app.

External links to the Reading Eggs website and to the developer, Blake eLearning


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Most of the activities in this app emphasize correct formation of letters, so unlike apps that  just require the player to tap a letter, this app teaches the letters through writing. The action of writing the letter will help your child remember the letter. Each correct attempt is rewarded with a green dot and verbal praise, and an egg sticker is awarded after completion of the whole activity (6 correct attempts). Hatching critters are also given as rewards, with a total of 18 critters to collect, motivating children to keep on attempting the activities.

The scaffolding provided for writing the letters makes this an excellent app for children with special needs who require that extra support and repetition. The progress tracking and the ability to make multiple profiles make this app a fantastic resource for the classroom. You will be hard pressed to find another letter learning app of this calibre on Android, so I will save you the hassle of looking and tell you to just download this one.




Eggy Alphabet is an educational application designed to help children learn the Alphabet. When learning the alphabet, young children need to learn each letter’s name and its sound, the shape of the letter and how to create it correctly when writing. Research shows that knowing the alphabet, especially the sound and shape of each letter, is a strong indicator for reading success in school.

The Eggy Alphabet App builds alphabet knowledge and handwriting skills in a comprehensive, educationally sound app that makes learning the alphabet memorable, highly interactive and full of fun rewards.

Eggy Alphabet covers both upper and lower case letters for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. For each letter there are three handwriting activities that stress the correct formation of each letter. Another 2 activities build phonemic awareness and letter sound skills. When learning to form each letter, children use a finger to trace and draw each letter. Eggy Alphabet is brought to you by the makers of popular educational website Reading Eggs – a team of educators with more than 20 years’ experience in early childhood education, who believe learning to read should be fun, motivating, and full of success.

Buy and Unlock the full version and you get:
- All 26 letters of the alphabet.
- 4 activites to be completed for every letter.
- Upper and lower case versions of letters.
- A total of 208 activities to complete plus The Letter Game.
- Choice of accents – Australia, English, United States.
- 3 difficulty levels - Egg ratings to be earned for every level.
- 18 wonderful Egg Critters to unlock and hatch.
- 624 Golden Eggs to earn.
- Each child can have their own account.
- Progress is tracked for every account.

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