Smart Apps For Android: Featured App - Addition Blocks Pro (best educational Android apps for kids)

Friday, October 04, 2013

Featured App - Addition Blocks Pro (best educational Android apps for kids)

Candy Crush Saga has been reworked as a math app! I have seen a lot of math apps try to present a simple operation such as addition in interesting ways, but this is the first monkey-free math app I have seen that children will get addicted to playing, always wanting to get to the next level and better their score.

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Addition Blocks EDU was reviewed by Cynthia over at Smart Apps For Kids and given 4 stars, this is what she had to say:

"Addition Blocks for Education is a highly customizable addition drills game created by a middle school teacher. It won the PBS Kids Prize in 2012 at the STEM Video Game Challenge and is also helping me add without using my fingers."

This mental math game plays like an arcade game, where the player is required to clear blocks in order to level up. A target number falls down the side of the screen and adjacent blocks totaling the target number must be cleared from the pile. Being a timed game, the challenge is to clear all the blocks before the tower of target numbers reaches the top.

The color coded numbers make it easier to find the numbers required and the lack of cutesy images mean this app is also suitable for older kids working at a lower level. Excellent graphics and no ads mean your child can focus on the game.

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WINNER! 2012 STEM Video Game Challenge!

AdditionBlocks is an addictive, fast-paced puzzle game to test your addition speed and skills. Simply destroy the falling target blocks on the right side of the screen by tapping on adjacent digit blocks. When the digit blocks sum to the target, the blocks are destroyed and a new target sum begins to fall. Making sums of 2-times, 3-times, (or more) the target sum earn the player multipliers. Add quickly, or the falling blocks will stack up! Can you handle the Challenge Mode?

From a review on "... there comes a time when [block and puzzle games] elements can be harnessed to deliver something new and groundbreaking... And it practically forces you to brush up your math skills, too! Now, what game can be more nobler than that?"

* Multiple Speed and Difficulty Levels
* Four Game Modes- Normal, Practice, Continuous, and Challenge
* Over 25 Achievements
* 8 Unlockable special blocks
* Hidden levels

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