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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Featured App - Preschool EduPlay Complete (best Android apps for kids)

This app is so full of activities, it will literally take your child hours to work through them all! Preschool EduPlay Complete by Katzapps has done really well at covering all the bases: numbers, letters, shapes, colors, as well as sorting, seasons, concepts, vocabulary building and more!

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   FREE Lite Version                    $2.65
Available on Amazon Appstore          Available on Amazon Appstore

   FREE Lite Version (IAP)           FREE Lite Version                      $2.69
Get it on Google Play          Get it on Google Play          Get it on Google Play

All the activities are laid out on a bookshelf, just like in a real classroom, which makes it very easy for children to locate the activities they would like. There is so much to choose from; for example, the top row of concepts are all reinforced by playing matching games, with up to 48 games  for a single concept. As children complete the games, they are rewarded with stickers which are placed on one of three dioramas. How often the child is rewarded is customizable, as are so many other features.

More than one profile can be created, and progress can be tracked in a manner of sorts by checking the child's sticker diorama, and/or which activities have stars against them. If a child manages to fully complete all the games and activities, the rewards can be reset so they can start all over again!

Great graphics, no ads or in-app purchases and links behind a locked parent section all make this a worthwhile Android download.

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Preschool EduPlay Complete is a fun game for children that will not only entertain but also educate and teach them.

The game features four types of challenges:
1. matching objects;
2. hidden pictures;
3. spot the difference;
4. picture puzzle (bonus mode).

Sorting, colours, shapes, numbers and letters - all that a preschooler should now - everything is included. It's all about learning while having fun. And as a motivational bonus: more than 75 stickers to be awarded for outstanding results!

A highly motivating reward system will allow your child to choose a funny sticker for every screen completed successfully. Stickers can be freely arranged into composite scenes.

And best of all: each sticker turns into a fun picture puzzle in bonus mode – extra long term motivation guaranteed! We are eager to help with any issues you might encounter - please do not hesitate to contact us at !

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