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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Geo Challenge (best Android apps for kids)

I finally found a geography app that might — just might — give Stack the States a run for its money. This particular app is designed to teach kids global geography, and has a series of mini-games to engage the player in fun facts about our wonderful world. The demo version has all the info on Oceania while the full version includes the whole world (obviously!) A fantastic tool for home or school — why not download it today?


Demo version has in-app purchase for full version
Both demo and full versions have links to developer website, email, Facebook, another app by same developer
What's free: Oceania
What's not free: four other world regions


   FREE (demo has IAP)             $2.99 (full version)
Available on Amazon Appstore     Available on Amazon Appstore

   FREE (demo has IAP)            $2.99 (full version)
Get it on Google Play     Get it on Google Play

Kids love to explore and discover new things. Geo Challenge provides the opportunity to travel around the globe and discover interesting information about other countries. Kids can choose to play as a guest, or create a "passport" which will record their progress (up to three profiles can be created). There are five activities to earn passport stamps in and suitcase stickers are also awarded along the way.

Children can manipulate a spinning globe, put together a puzzle, flash some flag cards, identify countries on a map, and match flags to their countries. Areas of the world are broken down into North and South America, Asia, Oceania, Europe and Africa so kids can focus on one region at a time and are not overwhelmed.

As globalization becomes more of a reality with the internet and increased travel, awareness of neighboring countries, and even those further afield, is essential for our future leaders and business people. Please support Smart Apps For Android and use our download links when you acquire this app.




Geo Challenge is a fun way for kids to learn the flags and maps of the world. Filled with Puzzles, Quizzes and Flashcards – this app was created by Moms for children everywhere! Kids will love learning about the world around them with this eye-catching app. Spin the globe and go on an adventure to discover new places. Or take a quiz to test your knowledge on flags and maps. While cute and visually engaging, this is more than just a kid's game. Expect a genuinely educational experience packed with content that parents can enjoy along with their children. This app includes information about no less than 193 countries (current United Nations members as of November 2012). It also includes audio to read country names out loud to your child and stickers and stamps to reward progress.

• Spinning Globe: spin, zoom and explore the world with your fingertips by touching flags to learn more about each country
• Map Puzzle: match the country to a place on the map
• Map & Flag Quizzes: challenge your country knowledge by selecting the right answer from three choices
• Flag Flashcards: memorize the national flags around the world with this study tool
• Passport: Take your picture and create your passport. Get stamps to record your progress.
• Suitcase: Discover and collect stickers of your travels all around the world.
• Bilingual: Play in English or Japanese

Learn maps, flags and geography while having fun with Geo Challenge. Parents, this app is loaded with features that will make your kids want to learn! Available for Android.

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