Smart Apps For Android: Healthy Heroes (best free Android apps for kids)

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Healthy Heroes (best free Android apps for kids)

Another great app from Yogome, this time with a focus on nutrition. Monsters are taking over the town and need to be fed! As crates of food fall from the sky, the player makes healthy choices for the monster and saves the frightened townsfolk. A great way to reinforce the nutritional value of different foods to kids. My favorite thing about this app? It endorses cereal as part of a delicious dinner!

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Watch out! Gobble Guts the monster is taking over the town, and must be fed healthy food to be sent on his way. The beginning level requires two healthy foods to be fed (from a choice of two) and subsequent levels increase in difficulty as the foods required and the choices offered increase. Next comes the monster Fajita, followed by Snuggle Tooth, Pickles, Nightmare and finally, Macaroni. Each monster requires six different delicious and nutritious meals to be fed to unlock the following monster. After completing each meal (finishing each level), a healthy tip is presented to the player.

Yogome is one of our Android Developers of Note as the apps are such good quality (graphics, sound, gameplay, no ads) and have excellent educational value. Healthy Heroes is one of very few apps for young children that tackles nutrition in a fun and meaningful manner. Who knows? Your child may even start a food revolution in your house after playing with this app!




Healthy Heroes is an amazing adventure game that teaches kids about nutrition and promotes healthy behaviours. And it’s fun and engaging! Yogopolis is being attacked by hungry monsters, they’ll keep destroying everything until kids feed them with fruits and vegetables! Help your child feed the Monsters with delicious and healthy food, they can be a Hero and save Yogopolis while he is learning about nutrition and getting healthy eating habits.

Why Play this Game?
Eat healthy is fundamental for the development and growth of kids. Kids with bad eating habits have low school performance. Healthy Hero is a fun educational game that teaches children of all ages about nutrition. Download the game so kids can enjoy the cool graphics while playing and learning.

• Select from 20 cool characters, called Yogotars
• 36 fun levels
• Feed 6 hungry and funny monsters
• Choose from many fruit and vegetables to feed monsters

Discover 8 useful Healthy Tips for parents
"If you love Toca Boca apps, then you will LOVE this as well!!"
"One of the Best educational games for kids I've tried"
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This game...
- Does not contain 3rd party ads.
- Does not contain in-app purchases.
- Does not contain integration with social networks.

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