Smart Apps For Android: I Want A Pet - Start to Read! (best Android apps for kids)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

I Want A Pet - Start to Read! (best Android apps for kids)

I Want A Pet has all the elements of a good early-reading program leveled reader. The storyline is easy to follow and children will identify with the character. The words are carefully chosen from a particular set of words for that ability level, and repeated often throughout the book without the language being too stilted or unnatural. The words are voiced when tapped so the child can read "independently" and receive immediate feedback as to whether they are reading accurately.

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This is a great book to share with your little one, to discuss the implications of having the pets suggested. These kinds of conversations increase vocabulary and critical thinking. Be warned, however, that your child may just want to go out and get a pet after reading this story; even if you already own one or more!



Every child loves story time! Books from School Zone’s Start to Read! series, in read-along format, narrate and present fun and friendly stories that help children learn to read.

I Want a Pet is a story about picking out a pet and how a little girl holds firm to what she wants and doesn’t want in a pet. In order to read successfully, children need to master a basic vocabulary of sight words and learn to sound out words. This read-along storybook app makes it extra fun. This Level 1 series selection has beginning vocabulary, many basic sight words, clever rhymes, and a short sentence or two on each page. It’s a super answer to the “Read me a story!” refrain. Easy-to-use settings allow children to control their app experience. If they turn on “Read to Me” mode, they can follow along with the narrator as each word onscreen is highlighted. With it off, they can try reading the story on their own. In both modes, if they get stuck, they can touch any word, any time and hear its pronunciation. Kids can also choose auto-page turning and background music on or off.

•Part of a multi-level series
•Introduces 9-50 new words
•Relies on core words and repetition
•Presents familiar themes and experiences
•Illustrated to provide important picture clues
•Memorable story line and main characters
•Read-to-me audio


Ages 4-6
Level 1
Written by: Barbara Gregorich
Illustrated by: Jamie Smith
Narrated by: Koki Zimmerman

School Zone sparks imagination and nurtures children’s natural curiosity. We offer playful, research-based content, brimming with color, creativity and bonus features. A trusted friend to parents and teachers for more than 30 years, we know how kids learn best. Play together with your kids or turn them loose to explore with confidence--no third-party advertising.

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