Smart Apps For Android: Jack and Jill Preschool Adventure (best free Android apps for kids)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jack and Jill Preschool Adventure (best free Android apps for kids)

These kind of apps are my favorite: early learning apps with NO ads, NO in-app purchases and NO external links. It means my girl can play without interruption and I can rest assured my credit card is safe! The other great things about these games are that verbal instructions and feedback are provided every step of the way and stickers are awarded for completed mini-games, so the app tracks progress to a certain extent. Jack and Jill's Preschool Adventure has a range of activities to help practice early concept skills and for the low low price of FREE, this one is definitely recommended.



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Jack and Jill's Preschool Adventure was recently reviewed on Smart Apps For Kids and given 3.5 stars. This is what Kelli had to say: "A simple yet somewhat engaging set of games targeting children ages 2-5 to foster skills such as shape recognition and matching."

Children love to dress up characters, which helps them identify with that character. The boy or girl chosen then tackles each of the six mini-games, being rewarded with a present after each one. Colors, shapes, letters and numbers are all covered with matching and multiple choice type of activities. The games are not timed and there are no penalties for wrong answers. There is also no finish to the game as the activities continuously loop through one after the other until the child decides s/he has had enough. The perfect app for a long road trip!




Join Jack & Jill as they explore a magical land of adventure and learning!
Jack & Jill’s Preschool Adventure is a collection of 6 exciting games designed for ages 2 to 5 years. The game teaches concepts such as colors, shapes, matching, numbers, letters and words. Jack & Jill’s Preschool Adventure has been developed in collaboration with a leading Montessori school especially for children ages 2 to 5 years.

- Simple and intuitive interface
- Vibrant colors and graphics with captivating voices and sounds to keep your preschooler engaged
- Continuous game play that provides new challenges as the game progresses
- Play as Jack or Jill
- Visit Jack’s wardrobe and choose a costume: pirate, superhero, firefighter, cowboy, police officer, Apache indian
- Dress up with Jill in her wardrobe: princess, ballerina, super girl, fairy, cheerleader, pirate
- Win prizes: kids are rewarded with exciting gifts that are collected in their toy chest Included games 

1. Balloon picking: Learn colors by picking the correct color balloons and help Jack and Jill to float up in the sky
2. Birthday Cake: Learn numbers through lighting birthday candles then match the correct number
3. Alphabet Fruit Tree: Learn the alphabet through the alphabet fruit tree by helping Jack and Jill find fruits that starts with the specified letter.
4. Night Sky Shapes: Learn shapes by matching shape patterns in the night sky.
5. Cloud Shape Matching: Learn three-letter-vowel words by matching pictures with cloud shapes
6. Match the Cards: Develop matching skills by pairing beginning letters to the correct object by flipping the cards.

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