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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

KGAP Tinkermeister's Whiz Bang (best free Android apps for kids)

This professor is your typical mad scientist, eccentric and nutty, and totally brilliant. He tinkers away in his laboratory, making all kinds of weird and wonderful inventions, the subject of this story being his Wacky Whiz-Bang Weather Watching Wonder. Join Professor Tinkermeister as he zips and zooms around the town and above the ground to help save the people from the impending storm.



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Themed studies, such as weather, are popular in elementary classes because of the cross-curricular lessons that can be taught. Science, geography, English and even math can be incorporated into lessons on weather. Professor Tinkermeister's Whiz-Bang Weather Watching Wonder not only has some interesting weather information, but it also has reading comprehension questions built in. Key words in the text are highlighted and will be narrated upon tapping, while topic-specific words about weather are highlighted and a definition provided upon tapping.

Really suited for older elementary kids, this would make a super classroom resource for independent learning. If you would like to download this app for home or school, please support Smart Apps For Android by using our Android store badges.



Come along with Kids Get a Plan's Professor Tinkermeister as he travels in his Wacky, Whiz-Bang, Weather-Watching Wonder in search of a tornado. Learn from his adventures about how you can protect yourself from the hazards of thunderstorms.

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