Smart Apps For Android: Kids Play Puzzle & Paint (best free Android apps for kids)

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Kids Play Puzzle & Paint (best free Android apps for kids)

Kids Play, Puzzle and Paint works on 10 different skills that will help your little one get ready for school. The mini-games focus on memory, observation, fine motor, belonging/difference and more! Once you see the quality of this app, you will probably want to purchase the other 30 mini-games.

In-app purchase to buy more activities.
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What's free: activities 1 through 10
What's not free: activities 11 through 40


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Whether you load this on your phone or your tablet, you can be sure that your child will be getting a good brain workout. The activities have been designed in such a way that every level of Bloom's Taxonomy is tackled. This is how we know it's a "Smart App," because not only is the child engaged physically by tapping on the screen, or even mentally by remembering what card was where, but the child is also given the opportunity to think critically and even to create his own piece of work.

Take it from me, you will not be disappointed with this Android app.




Kids Play, Puzzle and Paint is a fun and challenging learning game that you can share and enjoy with your pre-school child, with 40 different games, puzzles and learning experiences in 10 categories. You can play these games together with your kid(s) or let them explore these colorful and entertaining challenges for themselves.

-Spot the difference
-Color by numbers
-Tangled Twist
-Odd One Out

Your child will learn how to distinguish between simple geometric forms, match sounds with pictures, play memory games and find their way through simple mazes. They can also try some freehand painting – whatever shapes and colors they like! We recommend Kids Play, Puzzle and Paint for children between the ages of 3 and 6. This app CONTAINS NO ADVERTISEMENTS because it is meant for children. Please support further development by upgrading to the full version from inside the app.

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