Smart Apps For Android: LEGO City: Fire Hose Frenzy (best free Android apps for kids)

Friday, October 18, 2013

LEGO City: Fire Hose Frenzy (best free Android apps for kids)

Another great free app from LEGO!

Fire Prevention Week has recently finished in the United States and fire safety is a hot topic of conversation (pardon the pun!) in Australia right now as we enter bushfire season. Firefighting apps are extremely popular at this time and LEGO City: Fire Hose Frenzy will not disappoint as far as a good quality gaming app goes.

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The aim of game in LEGO City - Fire Hose Frenzy is to put out the fires. There are 20 levels of increasingly difficult fires to fight. Along the same lines as Sprinkle, the idea is to angle the water just right so that it hits the fire and puts it out. Some coordination is involved when one hand is controlling the height of the ladder while the other is adjusting the angle of the water. Once the angle is right, it needs to be held for a certain length of time to ensure the fire is out. Water is also used to activate switches and power pumps to finish the job. 

The game is timed and more stars are awarded for faster more accurate game play. High scores are recorded and there are "cheats" available for those who have a LEGO membership code. Great fun for little ones as well as older kids, LEGO has done an incredible job with the graphics in this game. A definite must for any LEGO fanatic.



There’s a fire in LEGO City! Help the fireman and his trusty firedog put out the fires across LEGO City by climbing the fire truck ladder and using the fire hose. Use the fire hose to put out all of the fires in every level. Some fires will be harder to reach than others! Fires over a larger area will need you to control the helicopter! The biggest fires will need you to take charge of the Fire Truck! You will need to raise the ladder up and down and aim the hose.

Aim water into pipes to extinguish fires in difficult places
Activate switches to start machines or open doors
Fill up barrels and buckets to tip seesaws or press switches
Push Crates with the water to press switches or reveal gaps to shoot down
Aim the water into water wheels to raise doors or pull things upwards
Fill up rooms to overflow into difficult to reach places
Aim the water at boarded up windows to blast through

How to play
Use your finger to control the angle/position of the hose and aim the water to extinguish all of the fires in the level as fast as you can

- 20 levels that increase in difficulty
- Cheat screen (to enter your LEGO Club cheats!)
- Achievements
- High Scores

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