Smart Apps For Android: Pajama Sam: Thunder and Lightning FREE (best free Android apps for kids)

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Pajama Sam: Thunder and Lightning FREE (best free Android apps for kids)

I am so excited to find this game as an Android app! I bought this on CD-ROM years ago when I was home schooling my eldest son. Pajama Sam: Thunder and Lightning plays like an old-school adventure quest where the character has to explore different areas and pick up various inventory items along the way to be able to perform certain tasks, or unlock new areas. The theme of this app is the weather, which has been personified here, and will keep your child engaged for hours.

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Pajama Sam is a regular kid who is bothered by a storm, but far be it from him to cower in the corner and whimper for his mommy. Instead, inspired by his hero, Pajama Man, he decides to go to the source of the storm and put a stop to it himself. Upon arrival at World Wide Weather, the first challenge Sam faces is to enter the building, as only employees can gain access.

Once in, Sam begins collecting items that help him overcome subsequent challenges in his bid to put an end to stormy weather. In the control room, he discovers that he must find four missing parts to the weather machine. As this is the free version, some paths are inaccessible, and so only one machine part can be found.

These kind of adventure quest apps are among my favorite kind of educational apps because they promote critical thinking, foster problem solving, strengthen memory and promote fun. You will not be disappointed with this app and I can almost guarantee you will want to purchase the full version once your child is immersed in the adventure.



Pajama Sam Thunder and Lightning. This is the FREE demo version of the full game.
Watch out Thunder and Lightning, Pajama Sam is on his way!!

It’s time to join Pajama Sam, the world's youngest superhero as he journeys to WorldWideWeather, the storm-stirring factory in the sky!
Sam's spent too many evenings cowering under the couch, so he sets out to conquer his fear of thunderstorms. It's amazing what he finds high above the clouds. Just as Pajama Sam begins to learn that storms aren't as bad as they seem Sam accidentally sends the weather system into a frenzy. Now there's snow in Saigon and sunshine in Seattle! He'll need your child to explore this wonderful world so they can help Thunder and Lightning fix the weather back to normal before Mother Nature finds out!

Key Features:
• Each experience for your child lets them explore different ways to play, again and again
• Challenging puzzles, Fun mini games
• Encourages creativity, helps teach spatial relations and sharpens problem-solving skills
• Feature-film quality animation and original music enhance the power of a child's imagination
• Read-along text sub-titles. You now have the option to turn on (or off) text that matches each line of the dialogue. Perfect for the hearing impaired, early reading and learning English.
• Encourages teamwork and critical thinking.
• Fosters listening and memory skills.
• Reinforces good social skills. 

• Promotes pattern recognition. 
• Interactive touch screen reveals hundreds of hidden surprises.

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