Smart Apps For Android: Wubbzy's ABC Learn & Play (best free Android apps for kids)

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Wubbzy's ABC Learn & Play (best free Android apps for kids)

There is something really captivating about Wubbzy for children. I am not sure if it is the catchy tune, the fact that he is yellow (research shows that characters are immediately identified and remembered more if they are yellow, e.g. Winnie The Pooh, Pikachu, etc.), or something else. Whatever it is, it works and your child will not notice s/he is learning while playing with Wubbzy. This app has the added bonus of aligning with common core standards!

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What's free: coloring and tracing for letters ABC, one game
What's not free: coloring and tracing for letters D-Z, four games,
two videos


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Wubbzy presents the alphabet in a coloring book with great graphics and cool coloring tools. Each letter has its own page with both capital and lower case letters, and an associated word. Stickers can also be added to the coloring pages, and your child's completed creative artwork can be saved to the device's photo gallery.

Good quality tracing apps are hard to come by on Android so it's good to know that Wubbzy has a good quality tracing activity in this app. A racing car traces along the lines of each letter, showing the correct order and direction of lines. Your child will be racing through the alphabet in no time!

This free version gives a taste of the activities available with the full app and is guaranteed to not disappoint. If you are not completely happy with this FREE app, we will give you your money back!



Wow! Wow! Kids will love the FREE version of Wubbzy’s ABC Learn & Play! Explore awesome coloring and tracing activities, plus an exciting bubble popping game, designed to help children recognize and write their ABCs! Get a preview of the entertaining educational experiences found in the full version of the app today! Wubbzy’s ABC Learn & Play is an alphabet teaching adventure that promotes the fundamentals of reading and writing. Kids will love tracing letters A through Z and playing alphabet games designed to get them practicing Common Core skills. The app also includes fun ways to get creative with tap-to-paint coloring book pages and sing-along music videos.

The FREE Version includes:
• ABC coloring pages with the coolest effects, including paint in buckets or spray cans, chalk, brushes, crayons, and 16 kooky stickers!
• Upper and lowercase tracing pages will have kids racing to the finish line as they use fun racecars to guide them through the basics of making letters.
• Everyone loves popping bubbles! Kids will pop, pop, pop, as they learn the alphabet in the addictive Bubble Letters game.
• Tracing ABCs! Kids will have fun practicing lowercase and uppercase letters!
• Pop, pop, pop to learn the alphabet! An awesome learning game!
• Coloring Pages feature cool tools to paint and color!
• Finish your masterpiece with some kooky stickers!
• Learn the ABCs while having fun!
• Essential skill building activities perfect for kindergarten readiness!

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