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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Animal Band ~ Nursery Rhymes (best Android apps for kids)

Brand new from StoryToys, Animal Band with nursery rhymes is a very sweet music app that allows children to interact with the animal characters while listening to some classic nursery rhymes. Appealing to preschoolers, each character plays a different instrument but needs to be woken up to join in with the song. A music loop starts when an animal is tapped, and tapping the animal again while it is already playing makes it play a "solo". The animals are so tired, they cannot make it through an entire song without falling asleep again, so when the end of the song is finally reached, the animals all cheer and confetti falls from the sky.


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Just like The Wiggles empower children by imploring them to wake up Jeff, so too Animal Band engages children by urging them to wake the animals. It becomes a challenge to keep the song going without stopping from beginning to end. Not much of a challenge, however, since the animals are so much fun to play with. Children can experiment with different combinations of loops to express their creativity, and glissandi are achieved by swiping across across each animal, which spins it around.

So far there are only four nursery rhymes included in this app, so hopefully StoryToys will include more in future updates. No ads and no in-app purchases make this a great app for toddlers too. My favorite character is the keytar playing chimpanzee. Actually, I really just like the keytar. If you do not mind snoring animals, check out Animal Band now while it is priced at $0.99!




Animal Band ~ Nursery Rhymes is an enchanting music toy that allows young children to play along to their favourite nursery rhymes.

It's twilight in the jungle, and all the animals are feeling sleepy. As each loveable little character is woken up with a simple tap, it joins in the song, creating a wonderfully rich musical experience. Keep playing, or they'll nod back to sleep! From the very first note, little ones will discover charming surprises in each 3D scene: they will delight in creating their own musical arrangements: tapping and swiping on characters to make them play instruments, spin around, or go to sleep. The more they play, the more fun they'll discover: making a swing loop-the-loop, whirling the crow's nest around or gently tipping over a raft as it bobs lazily down a river!

Animal Band ~ Nursery Rhymes is part of the StoryToys Junior line. Designed for preschoolers and nursery-rhyme lovers of all ages, it includes the following features:
• Amazing animations: help 8 cute animal characters dance and sing
• Beautifully illustrated 3D scenes packed with interactive musical elements
• Play along with the songs using each animal as a separate instrument
• Ideal for parents or other children to play together
• Features four twinkling musical soundtracks and playful sound effects
• Much-loved nursery rhymes: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Row Your Boat, Once I Caught a Fish Alive
• Includes tablet support

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