Smart Apps For Android: Freefall Money (best free educational Android apps for kids)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Freefall Money (best free educational Android apps for kids)

Freefall Money is a money learning app by the same developer who created Storybook Maker, which was rated the full five stars over at Smart Apps For Kids. This particular app is all about recognising denominations of US Dollars or EU Euros. There are three activities for your child to practice playing with the coins and rewards are given in the form of aquarium items to motivate your child to keep playing. A great way for your child to practice money math if you are running short on loose change.


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Do you remember the first time you got pocket money? My poor children receive virtual pocket money, with their earnings being written on the whiteboard and their spendings (via mum or dad's credit card) subtracted from the total. You may question the need for a money learning app in a cashless society like ours. We may not see much of it, but cash is still to be found in the pockets and wallets of most people and it is important that children have a good understanding of this foundation of our economy.

Often the first opportunities our kids get to manage money on their own are with small amounts, buying candies or small toys. The most important skills in those beginning stages are to be able to add up the cost, subtract from the total and check the change received. This app will help with all of that! Choose between USD or EU currency, whether to have one or two or all three activities available for play, and also how many coins to handle. The fish tank is a great motivator for kids and can be cleared at any time or perhaps on a change of settings to keep track of your child's progress. I declare this app Good Free Android App Of The Day and suggest you download it ASAP.



***"A Parents' Choice Recommended Award Winner!
***"Apps for Literacy and Learning, Special Education" - Apple.

Freefall Money is a fun educational app for kids to learn how to count money. The app supports practicing with either US or Euro coins.

Kids will keep coming back to this learning tool to fill their fish tank with new fish. The more time they spend learning about coins and the math of coins the more fish they will earn.

*** Freefall Money continues the #1 ranked Freefall series, including Freefall Spelling ***
*** Practice in US or Euro coins ***

Three modes of coin math practice:
1. Fill the piggy bank (Scatter Mode)
2. Enter the amount (Type Mode)
3. Add up groups of coins (Cluster Mode)

In the Scatter and Type Modes coins can be stacked on top of one another. Move coins around to be sure you haven't missed one.

*Sophisticated fish tank reward system
- Earn Fish
- Feed Fish
- Clean the tank

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