Smart Apps For Android: LEGO Hero Factory: Brainify (best free Android apps for kids)

Friday, November 01, 2013

LEGO Hero Factory: Brainify (best free Android apps for kids)

Still removing zombie eye make-up? Got candy stuck in your teeth? It's Friday now and time to relax into the weekend. This LEGO app will keep those ghosts and ghoulies occupied for just a little longer - it is a photo-editing app that turns harmless, ordinary looking humans into LEGO monsters!

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Lego's Hero Factory series has sets of Lego that resemble robot-like creatures and is aimed at 6-12 year olds. These robot heroes have been designed to maintain universal peace. It's a classic tale of goodies vs baddies with Stormer, Furno, Surge and Breez (and others) going to battle against Von Nebula, Fire Lord, Witch Doctor and Black Phantom (and others). This app comes in at the most recent chapter in the Hero Factory story when a new villain, Dark Maker, uses a new weapon, Brains, to try and gain the upper hand.

If all that was a little confusing, leave the detail to your child and just enjoy watching them brainify your photo. It becomes a challenge for children, to take a full face photo of their unsuspecting parent in order to brainify them. Even more fun if the parent also has the app and attempts to brainify the child in return.



Watch this 20 minute episode of Hero Factory - Brain Attack for a full understanding of the context of this app


What would you look like if you were BRAIN ATTACKED by the evil brains from LEGO® Hero Factory? Time to find out!

Pick a brain, take a picture and watch yourself, your friends, your mom or whoever get ‘brainified’ and turn absolutely monstrous! Pure, crazy fun.

Try out the different brains and guess which of your favorite Hero Factory villains you resemble.

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