Smart Apps For Android: Kids Games (4 in 1) (best Android apps for kids - has excellent free version)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Kids Games (4 in 1) (best Android apps for kids - has excellent free version)

What a find! Not only will this app help your child with letters and numbers, it will also help with color matching, memory skills and creative musicianship. Kids Games comes as a free lite version and includes 157 easy mosaics, numbers 1-10 for matching, easy mode for memory matching (four pairs) and easy mode of music creation. At less than $2 for the full mode, this is definitely worth the download and is great value for money.


In-app purchase for full version
External link to Kids Games 2 on Google Play

What's free: easy mode of Mosaic, Guessing and Musician mini-games, as well as numbers of Alphabet mini-game
What's not free: medium and hard modes of above mini-games and letters of Alphabet mini-game


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Your child will learn early fine arts skills with Mosaic. It develops the ability to discriminate colors and copy color placement on a grid. Beginning with a simple grid if 5x5, and building up to a more difficult 15x15, your child will be able to create their own pixel art once they have mastered the concept. Alphabet is simply a naming activity so that children can recognise and name letters and numbers.

Guessing is a classic memory match game beginning with matching four pairs and increasing in difficulty with more and more animals to match. Finally, my favorite mini-game, Musician, which is a loop creator, gives your child opportunity to experiment and express themself through music. By placing "notes" in certain positions on the 6x12 grid, different sound loops are created. If you love Kids Games as much as I do, you'll be downloading Kids Games 2 (with another four mini-games) before too long. Enjoy!




“Kids games 4-in-1” is exciting set of kids games, which can not only give parents an extra hour of personal time, but also can help kid to develop it’s logical thinking, creative musical and artistic skills.In the game “mosaic” child is offered to build a picture according to sample from mosaics of different colour. While building pictures, child has fun in the process and memorizes basic colours of rainbow. At any time you can use “help” button, which will prompt where you need to put a necessary colour. The game “alphabet” helps to learn letters and figures with fun. All that you need to do is to shift card with a letter in the right position. Apart from visual comprehension, child will memorize letters aurally, because every correctly matched letter will be pronounced with childish voice. In the game “guessing” child will be able to train memory and memorize names of animals. It is necessary to find two identical images on inversed cards and hear the name of animal, which was hidden by one or another card. In the game “musician” children as well as grown-ups can try to create a musical melody, moreover, you don’t need to know notes and play any musical instrument to do that.
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