Smart Apps For Android: LEGO City: Rapid Rescue (best free Android apps for kids)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

LEGO City: Rapid Rescue (best free Android apps for kids)

Rapid Rescue is an app that will appeal to kids who like competition. The idea of the game is to rescue stranded surfers in the quickest time possible, while avoiding obstacles such as sharks and islands, while at the same time collecting yellow LEGO bricks (game coins) for added time bonuses. There are 48 levels of increasing difficulty included in this free app, with cheat sheets available by entering a LEGO club code. This is actually a fine motor practice app disguised as a game; just don't tell your children that!

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The very first minifigure prototype was created in 1976, and now there animated 3D minifigures that our children can carry with them, play with and are unlikely to lose. This is great news for the loyal Lego collector in your family. Rapid Rescue, suitable for the very young up to middle elementary, is a fun way to engage with Lego, without the risk of choking, at the same time as developing important pre-writing skills.

The faster the surfers are rescued, the better the star rating of level achievement. Give your child a stylus to use, and s/he can develop a perfect pencil grip at the same time! I never would have dreamed pre-writing patterns could be so engaging. For older children, this can simply be a strengthening exercise for reluctant writers who complain of a sore hand after two sentences. This one is definitely worth a download.



In the stormy seas around LEGO® City holiday makers need help!
The LEGO® City Coast Guard are on their way, with you guiding them they can save the day.
The Coast Guard Helicopter, Watercraft and Speed Boat, are yours to command, see how quickly you can rescue all the stranded minifigs. Do you have what it takes to get 3 stars on every level?

Draw lines from the Coast Guard vehicles and guide them to marooned holiday makers.
Control the Coast Guard Helicopter, Watercraft and Speed Boat.
Collect gold LEGO® bricks for a time bonus.
Throw life buoys at sharks to scare them away.
Drive into whirlpools and get sucked to another part of the map.
Drift along strong currents.
Use the sonar remote control to raise and lower Mini Subs.

- 48 levels of increasing difficulty
- Cheat screen (to enter your LEGO® Club cheats!)
- Achievements

For app support contact LEGO Consumer Service.
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