Smart Apps For Android: Number Splash (best free educational Android apps for kids)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Number Splash (best free educational Android apps for kids)

Number Splash is a fully free customizable educational app with seven activities, containing no ads, no in-app purchases and no external links, that also tracks progress, has a choice of eight languages, with good graphics and audio and the ability to switch off background music. Phew! I don't think free apps get much better than that!




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This really is a must-have app for your preschooler or lower elementary student. With options to customize to suit the student's ability level, and a range of counting and basic math operation activities, Number Splash is sure to make waves in the education sector. Fish are used as the object for counting, which are gender-neutral and non-age-specific making this app great for boys and girls as well as teens working at a lower level.

The progress report is presented as a line graph which can be reset if the settings are changed. Unfortunately, only one profile can be tracked so Number Splash will be most useful on an individual's tablet or in a locked profile of a multi-user tablet. Please support Smart Apps For Android by using our download link, and let DMT Source know that we sent you!




Is your child bilingual? Would you like them to be?! Numbers, counting, & arithmetic are available in 8 languages. This pro version includes bilingual counting, adjustable number ranges, and a progress report to watch your young own learn with each activity.

Provides a complete underwater classroom experience for kids to educate them about math in a whole new, fun way. Number Splash makes interacting with numbers, counting and arithmetic fun again. With the numbers in the deep blue sea and smooth dazzling graphics, Number Splash will be admired by kids.

Experience a whole new learning curve while making learning numbers and calculations a pleasure. Kids will be able to grasp the concept of counting in a completely diversified new way. Number Splash is available in 8 different languages, powered by 7 intuitive activities included for kids.

---Let's Count---
Numbers are displayed on the screen in both written and spoken formats. With each number progressing one after the other, kids will have a joyful experience understanding them. The App can also display and speak the numbers in a second language that you choose from the 8 available languages: English, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, or Portuguese!

---What's Missing---
Complete the number line! A number will be missing from the number line and your kid will have to complete the number by inputting the correct one in place of the missing number. Delivers high educational value.

---How Many---
How many lil fish are on the screen? Need a clue? Count out-loud by taping each fish! Available with bilingual counting as well.

---Addition & Subtraction---
Let your child put their arithmetical skills to the test. Addition and subtraction can be performed. Every problem is displayed in both number and shape. A report card is provided at the end to keep a track of the progress being made.

Combine addition & subtraction in this activity for a true test of your child's new math skills. Interact with the problem to see steps and get a clue!

---Bubble Sum---
Let's put another twist to the equation. An answer will be displayed and kids need to figure out the addition that will make the answer possible. How many numbers add up to the answer?

Use your phone's hardware/screen menu-button to access the settings panel. Number ranges can be set for each type of activity to control the pace at which your little one is learning. A progress report plots the success of each activity, allowing you to ensure your child is enforcing their math skills.

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If you have any suggestions or concerns please contact us, we hope to hear from you! DMT Source LLC is an Orlando, FL USA, based developer. Number Splash Theme was created by Mason Taylor Allan.

Number Splash redefines fun based education. With an underwater gameplay, smooth graphics and high educational value, Number Splash is the perfect way to teach your kids all about math. Get it right now and let your kids experience the magic of math!

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