Smart Apps For Android: Pirate Scribblebeard (best Android apps for kids - has good free version)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pirate Scribblebeard (best Android apps for kids - has good free version)

Rated 4.5 stars at Smart Apps For Kids, Ron had this to say about Pirate Scribblebeard's Treasure:
All three of my kids, including the 10-year old, really enjoyed Kidoodle: Pirate Scribblebeard's Treasure, and I've even selected toddler as a possible age group for this app because I think toddlers would enjoy watching it and doing what they are capable of. So, there's a wide range of appeal here. Strongly recommended!

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I just love this app! My children's drawings are so precious to me, and I hope my hoarding all that paper shows them how valuable their creativity is. Pirate Scribblebeard's Treasure is probably a much more eco-friendly way of giving my children that same feeling, as well as reducing the fire hazard risk in our home. Drawing pages have already been started, to give your children a drawing prompt. They then complete the picture which then is animated.

The lite version comes with a handful of pages, with the option to upgrade to the full version of more than a dozen pages. The drawing tools are quite basic, including two thicknesses of pen and eight different colors but the minimal implements encourage maximum imagination. This is another great app to practice stylus use with, to improve pencil grip and strengthen fine motor muscles. You will not be disappointed.



Pirate Scribblebeard's Treasure FREE by Kidoodle - Your child's drawings come to life as they tell the story! Your child draws and their drawings come to life! Join Oscar, Josephine and Pirate Scribblebeard in this groundbreaking, animated, drawing app that encourages creativity! 

∙ Winner of the Best Entertainment App of the Adobe® AIR® App Challenge
∙ "Creative, fun and silly. I love it!" - Editor's Choice from
∙ Mom's Choice Award Gold Seal for Ages 3 and up
∙ Wired Magazine’s GeekDad Top 10 Digital Toy Box Essentials
» Encourages creativity and imagination through drawing and storytelling
» Child's drawings become part of delightful animated cut-scenes as they complete the story
» Oscar, Josephine and friends narrate each page and encourage your child with quirky and humorous animations
» Easy to jump right in, no intimidating big blank page
» Hours of engagement and a single purchase gets you 14 more pages and all future updates for free!
» Exercises fine-motor skills and encourages those hesitant to draw
» Designed with love by parents. Tested, played with, and approved by children 3 to 10 years-old (1st through 5th grade)

Reviewers agree
∙ "This app is fantastic" - Parenting Magazine
∙ "Check out this app and be ready to swab the decks, hoist the main and have some piratey fun" - Wired Magazine Geek Mom
∙ "Bottom Line: The cream of the crop of iPad drawing apps" -
∙ "Everything about this app is so perfectly designed and just right for both kids and design-snob adults... Creative, fun and silly. I love it!" - Editor's Choice from
∙ "The art and design is superb, the texture of the paper, the quirky pop-up paper cut-outs that jump onto the screen to introduce pages or during the animation – it’s all top-rate." - 5/5 and Golden App Award from

Our Mission
Creativity is critical to our world. Here at Kidoodle, we believe we can help your child keep their natural creativity alive by making products that encourage your child’s imagination and allow them to create in magical ways!

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We do not transmit personal information about your child. We include a parent-only area in our app with links to articles about creativity, education, and children. We are a member of
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