Smart Apps For Android: Spot that Animal (best Android apps for kids)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Spot that Animal (best Android apps for kids)

Wombi never fails to come up with the goods. If you want great Android apps for early childhood development, then Wombi will deliver! Spot that Animal is an observe-and-react type of game, a bit like hide-and-seek, but the animal appears randomly on the screen and the player must tap it before it disappears again. These kind of games are great for developing pre-literacy skills and this app comes as a try-before-you-buy version.

In-app purchase for all animals and environments (locked from little fingers)
What's free: One animal - the dog
What's not free: Four animals - the pig, cat, cow and horse



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Each animal in this app comes in its own unique environment. There are five animals altogether, with the dog coming as part of the free version of this app. Tapping the animal causes a hilarious reaction from the animal, which will delight your toddler over and over again. The funny facial expressions had my daughter in fits of laughter as we copied each one.

There are no wrong answers with this app and even though the goal is to tap the animal before it disappears, if your child fails to do so one time, there are plenty more opportunities for him/her to try again. This would make a useful targeting app for children with special needs. Why don't you try it before you buy it?



*** Laugh and play as you tap each animal and see how it reacts! ***

--- A fun game for kids ages 1-3! ---
Get ready…get set…and see how quickly you can react to each animal surprise! SPOT THAT ANIMAL is a fun and colorful game where animals pop out on your screen, and players have to tap on them before they disappear. Whenever the animals get caught, they make silly faces! Entertaining for kids ages 1-3, SPOT THAT ANIMAL is a great exercise in hand-eye coordination and motor skills, as well as a fun introduction to animals. Toddlers will love playing this colorful game!

Keep an eye on each different landscape…suddenly an animal will appear! Will you be able to catch it? Players “catch” each animal by simply tapping on the screen animation.

Say hello to the cute animals! Choose to play with a cat, dog, cow, pig, or horse! Once you catch them, watch their faces transform with silly expressions!

Spot that Animal is completely free to try! If you like the game you can unlock it and get access to all animals and environments!

This easy-to-use game is a fun introduction to animals for toddlers. It won’t just be entertaining them for hours; it will be exercising their hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and motor skills.

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