Smart Apps For Android: The Pirate's Treasure (best free Android apps for kids)

Saturday, November 09, 2013

The Pirate's Treasure (best free Android apps for kids)

Three levels of difficulty in this memory match game make Wombi's The Pirate's Treasure a fun game for everyone in the family. Another game parents and children can share as two players take turns to try to make a match. These are the kind of games that will build your child's brain, not turn it to mush. Wombi apps are child friendly, containing no ads or in-app purchases. This is a great app for both phone and tablet.

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Choose difficulty level (level one - match five pairs, level two - match nine pairs, level three - match 15 pairs), pirate character (eight different pirate characters to choose from) and language used (16 languages to choose from) and then get ready for some swashbuckling fun! Each player takes turns to make a match from the available coins. Each match earns a coin as well as another turn. The spinning compass shows whose turn it is.

As coins are turn over to reveal the pirate-related image, a pirate phrase is spoken (e.g. shiver me timbers, aarrr etc.) and a sound effect is played. This extra audio support is good for children whose strength is audio input as it will help them remember where matching images are. A great app for sharing and learning to take turns as well as strengthening visual and auditory memory, all for FREE! Definitely worth a download.



--- A fun and clever memory game for young pirates!--- Ahoy!

After several years of searching in the Caribbean the pirates have finally found Captain Blackbeard’s hidden treasure-chest! But how are they going to divide the treasure? In a classic pirate duel of course - playing a game of memory! Pick your pirate, use your brain and prepare to win the treasure!

- A memory game for two players

- Chose between eight different pirates. Which is your favourite?
- A magic compass decides which player should start
- Sound and music create the perfect pirate atmosphere!
- Charming animations with fun details
- Super easy to use! Even the youngest pirates can play!
- Guarantee: you will never lose any game pieces!
- No in-app purchases
- No in-app advertising

THE PIRATE’S TREASURE turns your phone/tablet into a traditional memory game but with a unique touch. It’s a fun game where children will practice their memory skills as well as their logic thinking. The app is for two players and suits young and old, sea dogs and land crabs!

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