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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Zoodles: Kid Mode (best free Android apps for kids)

Kid Mode was developed by Zoodles, a Google Play Top Developer, and is listed in the Top Ten of the Top Free Education apps on Google Play. This parent control app comes highly recommended by parents and teachers alike (37,000 people have +1'd the app on Google+) and if you have always wondered what it is all about, then I am here to tell you because I love it too!

In-app purchases for story books
External links to Zoodles webpage

What's free: there are no necessary purchases
What's not free: Some story books, extra premium features


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Zoodles: Kid Mode is  available for every device, not only Android, but also iOS and computers (Windows and Mac). This is just the app you have been looking for to lock away certain apps from your child and to keep track of exactly what s/he is playing on the tablet. The parent dashboard allows you to set which apps are accessed by which child, save your favourite drawings by your children, purchase story books (all free with upgrade to premium), and set up video mail for messaging between approved friends and family across the globe.

Everything you need is right here in this FREE app, but if you desire an upgrade ($4.95/1 month), the premium version will also allow you to promote subjects (apps that teach those subjects will be promoted in the child's profile), set time limits for tablet use per day (one limit for week days and one for weekends), choose languages for your child to practice, adjust a violence filter for games, block certain characters (e.g. Dora, iCarly, Barbie) and finally, remove games from certain sites (e.g. Mattel, Nick Jr.).

The parent dashboard can only be accessed through a lock, otherwise, the child has a choice of playing in their profile, or playing in someone else's profile. In their profile, there are the options of playing games (playing apps or watching videos), creating art, reading books (one story comes with the free version) or sending video mail. Whatever you child plays most frequently will be automatically added to the favourites folder for quick access.

Zoodles: Kid Mode is a really great way to implement restrictions while still giving your child some freedom and options. The video mail option is an especially fantastic feature of this option as it is a kind of safe internet chat kind of app. Just to add to the greatness of this app. If you have already got Zoodles: Kid Mode, then I suggest you go get it now.




Fun, educational games for kids 8 and under. All your child's favorite Android apps in one place. With our Child Lock feature, kids stay safely in Kid Mode! No more accidental in-app purchases, deleted texts, or confusing ad clicks. Winner of 10 awards & trusted by millions of kids & parents!

✓ Fun games & videos customized for every child's age
✓ All your child's favorite apps in one safe place!
✓ Child Lock feature protects your phone & keeps your kids in-app
✓ Kids can't click through on ads or make in-app purchases
✓ An art studio where kids can paint, color, & draw!
✓ Illustrated storybooks that family members can read & record
✓ Video Mail feature lets kids exchange short messages with family
✓ Weekly activity emails on what your kids have been playing & learning
✓ Powerful parental controls w/ optional Premium Membership
✓ Offine Mode

✓ You need Adobe Flash to get the games in our app.
✓ To help us customize Kid Mode for your child, you'll need to create a free account.

by Tim
"I can eat a meal in peace. My kid loves it. No complaints."
by Miss
"This app ROCKS! It keeps my 5 year old busy and it teaches him!"
by Jack
"My 2 yr old loves it. Great for waiting rooms or in line."

Babies will love our baby songs & kids videos about shapes, patterns, the alphabet, animals & colors.
Toddlers will love learning their abcs, numbers, & shapes with free games, songs & cartoons like Blues Clues & Winnie the Pooh. In Art Studio, kids can paint, color, & draw!
Kids get preschool songs, abc letter videos, & matching & puzzle games from sites like Starfall, Nick Jr, PBS kids, or Disney Junior. In Art Studio, kids can paint, color, & draw!
Preschool kids get fun puzzles & preschool games teaching phonics & counting. Many games have cartoons like Thomas the Train, Tigger, Mickey Mouse or Dora.
Kids get kindergarten math & reading games, kids puzzles, dinosaur & train games, drawing games, & more. Many games have Diego & Curious George. We even have yoga videos to encourage health & fitness!
Kids get 1st grade math games in addition/subtraction, vocabulary word games for the reader, & science videos from YouTube about gardening, plants, & the weather. Boys & girls alike will love our Pokemon, Toy Story, fairy & princess games.
Kids get 2nd grade math games in multiplication/division, science videos from YouTube about planets, & reading & language games. Second graders also get dress up games, arcade games & sports games from sites like LEGO & Barbie - just as fun as apps like Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, Paper Toss, or Talking Tom Cat!
Kids get 3rd grade math games on fractions & place value, reading games on grammar & spelling, brain games, action games, logic puzzles, & mazes. Third grade games feature sites like Pokemon & Star Wars - just as fun as apps like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump, Paper Toss, Bubble Buster, & Talking Tom Cat!

With Video Mail, kids have their own version of Skype & Facetime! Use our tablet app in restaurants, grocery shopping or long flights!

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